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Feb-20-2004, 11:51am
I've been looking for this duo who played in Prescott Arizona,late 90's to 2001, perhaps.Doug and Kenny is what they were known as.If you can help me locate CD's or their tapes, I'd really appreciate it.

Feb-20-2004, 5:08pm
Dawn -- I know Doug well. Doug works and teaches at the Prescott Folklore Society, a fiddle and instrument shop on the west end of Whiskey Row. Here's their web address http://www.thefolklorecenter.com/, and it has a phone number. I'm sure Doug would love to sell you a CD; he got me to buy one last time I was in there.

My parents live in Prescott (I'm in CA)and whenever I go to Prescott, I always stop at the Folklore Center where I'm guaranteed a good old-time fiddle jam with Doug and the Owner. All I have to do is pull a mandolin off the wall, start picking "Texas" and they pull off their aprons and come with fiddles in hand ready for some fun.

Tell Doug that Mark from Santa Barbara says hello....

Feb-20-2004, 6:57pm
Hi. I just moved to Flagstaff and I've been looking for a good place to hear some good pickin'. I guess I'll have to make it down there soon.

Feb-25-2004, 2:47pm
Hey New to Flagstaff,

So, come on over to Bookman's on the second Friday of the month and introduce yourself. We play from 7-9 p.m., it's an open jam, with a wildly diverse group of players-- some real good, some not so??? You can lurk in the used CD's for awhile if you want... or bring your instrument and join right in! And check out www.ffotm.net for more info on the folk music scene here, if you haven't already...

Feb-25-2004, 3:43pm
tallgirl, I will check it out. Thanks

Mar-02-2004, 3:54pm
Hello "new to Flag" and tallgirl.

If you have interest to see an old-time banjo player held captive by (and tortured in) a bluegrass band, then come on down to the Wine Loft (SF street) for the Mars Hillbillies on (most) Tuesday nights.

But seriously, it is a smoke-free venue and the mando player (not me) is hot!

Were you two at the Foghorn Stringband show last night?


Mar-02-2004, 4:07pm
Hey mingusb1,
Is the mando player named Aaron? I went to school in Flag from 95-99, and I remember seeing him play with Brad Munns & Friends and with GreenSky Bluegrass. Also, another band that I can't remember their name. I remember the fiddle player was a friend of mine named Jack though, and they used to do 80's covers BG style. That was back around the time I was picking up a mandolin for the first time (96), and I remember just being blown away by his playing.

My mom still lives down there, and I can only wish there were a job for me to latch onto down there. Heck if there were, I'd be there. I don't think I've ever lived somewhere so amazing. Heck, where else do you have the desert, forest, and mountains all within about 45 minutes drive.

Man I miss Flagstaff...

Mar-02-2004, 4:13pm
Hey, I know the guy your talking about. #He is still playing a lot around town. #

But I play with a guy named Rusty. #Not sure if he was playing mando back then, but he sure is now! #

Great singing and guitar playing to boot!

Where are you at these days?


Mar-02-2004, 4:25pm
Hey Z,
I'm in Longmont CO, about 15 mintues North of Boulder. Could be worse http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

I'm not familiar with Rusty. Aaron is the only guy I remember playing the mandolin in the area when I was down there. Did Rusty play with any other groups a few years back? Did Onus B Johnson have a mando player? I remember those guys... Oh, do you know a fella named Matt Ziegler? I think he does some booking around town. I was good friends with him and Rich. Lived next door to them for a year in Kachina.

Mar-03-2004, 8:56am
Hey Mandofiddle,
I hear you about jobs around here. I love it here, but I may have to go somewhere else to make a living.