View Full Version : Anyone have pictures of a "dark burst" or reverse

Dec-14-2004, 4:50am
You know, a finish which bursts from dark in the center to light around the edges. I'm thinking it would not be too attractive.

Chris Baird
Dec-14-2004, 9:42am
The old term for sunburst is vignette. It was used on furniture for some time before instruments. It was probably used for the purposes of hiding joints; and still is. A reverse burst would exemplify the joints.

Dec-14-2004, 3:33pm
I've never seen such a thing, but I'd imagine it'd look pretty cool simply because it's different. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif
I'm always a fan of unique looking mandos/guitars/etc, and I have to admit I get tired of seeing the typical 'sunburst' design.

John Bertotti
Dec-14-2004, 5:05pm
I like the idea like putting a pupil in the center then the iris and then the whites of it's eyes. That sounds like an Oldwave project for sure. The eyeball mandolin. Hey I'm serious cool. John

Dec-14-2004, 5:42pm
A blue-eyed whitetop ! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Dec-14-2004, 11:53pm
Ovation's Adamas 'burst finish is close..


Dec-15-2004, 11:05am
That is possibly the homeliest instrument I've ever seen!

Dec-15-2004, 1:37pm
Aw, c'mon! Well, I guess you have to buy into the whole Ovation aesthetic.. I think it looks kinda neat. I own two Ovations now, but they're more "conventionally" finished - my m'cello is natural and my e-uke is black. I think they make a grayburst uke too (black to gray). I'll see if I can dig that one up for your amazement.

Anyway, (to paraphrase the Bud Light commercial) you know what they say about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder.. Whoever be holdin' that thing be holding one ugly ukulele! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Real Man of Genius

Dec-15-2004, 1:59pm
Here it is! (http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mailkypochiweb/ovation.JPG) It kind of looks like those faded-on-purpose-in-strange-places jeans. I want it. The uke, not the jeans.

Darryl Wolfe
Dec-16-2004, 2:05pm
On subject, but non-mando..I plan on doing an A-model to match my Jazz Pluss 5str Bass..I think this "paint job" looks really cool

Darryl Wolfe
Dec-16-2004, 2:09pm
one more

Bill Snyder
Dec-16-2004, 2:35pm
Well I suspect mandohack would like that.