View Full Version : Problems logging into the message board

Scott Tichenor
Dec-13-2003, 4:52pm
For PC w/Internet Explorer:
Go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

For PC w/Netscape (7.0--others may vary)
Go to Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies > Manage Stored Cookies > Remove All Cookies

For Mac (OS X--others may differ slightly):
Go to Explorer > Preferences > Receiving Files > Cookies > Delete

Hope this helps. This is a good skill to learn (this is an opinion not shared by everyone). Cookies are good for helping some sites remember preferences/logins, etc. but personally I look at these fairly often and try to get a sense of what sites are storing on my hard drive. I'd prefer we not get into personal computer debates on this. I'm also sure there are lots of folks with expertise in this subject area so feel free to help out or lend advice. Thanks.