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Jerry Turberville
Feb-14-2012, 4:39pm
I played the rythm track on my 5 string emando onto the Looper and then played the melody to that. I've always liked this song, but have had trouble getting a good feel for it.
Here's the link to my version:

Feb-14-2012, 4:51pm
Very nice! Really enjoyed that. I'm going to play it again .....

Edit: I've played it back-to-back now about 5 times. It's fantastic. Great job!

Jerry Turberville
Feb-14-2012, 7:04pm
Wow! Thank you. That's very nice of you. I've been working on it a couple of days. I was just hoping to not mess it up too badly.

Feb-14-2012, 7:14pm
Jerry, what key is this in?

Jerry Turberville
Feb-14-2012, 8:00pm
C mionr (E flat). The first 4 signature chords are C minor - C minor (Major 7) - C minor 7 - C minor 6. The B, or middle section of the song sounds more like E flat.

Feb-14-2012, 8:52pm
Thanks! No wonder I couldn't figure it out. If it's not major ... well ...

Feb-15-2012, 1:26am
Well done on that .

You mention difficulty getting the feel for it; for that stretchy timing I love the phrasing in Michelle Pfeiffer's version from The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Feb-16-2012, 7:44pm
Jerry, just wanted to thank you for posting your playing Funny Valentine. I think it's great the way you did it. I'm just a beginner but I'm working on it myself now, trying to play along with you. It's the first thing I've ever tried "up the keyboard" and it sure is fun. I always loved Elvis Costello's version and I'm really having fun with this. Thanks again.