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Feb-19-2004, 11:15pm
Can someone recommend some good CD's that have some good mandolin solos, bluegrass or gospel. Thanks. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Coy Wylie
Feb-20-2004, 12:08am
Anything by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver will meet all your qualifications: awesome mandolin solos, bluegrass and gospel.

J. Mark Lane
Feb-20-2004, 7:29am
The Alison Krauss CD with the Cox Family is one of my all-time favorites. Mostly gospel, with Adam Steffey on mandolin. Some beautiful mandolin playing on that album.

Feb-20-2004, 7:53am
Willard's recommendation for Doyle is by far the best choice. The two all gospel albums by IIIrd Tyme Out are very impressive also.

John Zimm
Feb-20-2004, 10:57am
There's a fine gospel CD available from BMG that used to be called Bluegrass from Heaven, but now I think is called Very best of Bluegrass Gospel or something like that. That one is very good, then there's Soldier of the Cross by Ricky Skaggs. That one is one of my favorites. There is also the Gaither Bluegrass Gospel Homecoming that is pretty good, although there are a few undesirable songs on it. But Marty Stewart does some fine picking on a great version of "This Little Light of Mine."


Feb-20-2004, 8:47pm
Skaggs and Rice

John Flynn
Feb-20-2004, 10:02pm
There are two discount CDs out there for that are a real sleepers if you can find them. King Records has CDs out under the name "Nashville Mandolins," although they don't say who plays on them. I even emailed King and they said they don't know. One is called "20 Greatest Gospel Hits" and the other is called "30 Mandolin Classics."

I haven't heard the second one, but I have heard it is good. I have the gospel one and it is great. My instructor says that the mandolin player is either Butch Baldassari or someone who has copied his style very well.

Feb-21-2004, 8:18pm
Here's a good one- SHINE HALLELUJAH SHINE: SACRED SONGS FROM THE EARLY DAYS OF BLUEGRASS, VOL. 1 or 2. Butch Robins, Dudley Connell, Larry Stephenson, David McLaughlin, Blaine Sprouse, Bill Lux, Ronnie Simpkins and Rob McCoury are "The Bluegrass Band" on these recordings. I have these both on cassette, it's hardcore BG gospel. If you want to hear what straight-up gospel kickoffs, turnarounds and breaks sound like, this is it.
try http://www.elderly.com/recordings/04G.htm online.

Feb-21-2004, 9:13pm
Look for the Isaacs family, when they had Mr.Steffey

Doyle Lawson,Third Tyme Out has 2-3 gospel projects,Blue Highway has one,and Mountain heart has a good one as well.

Doug Edwards
Feb-22-2004, 11:10pm
Skaggs' "Soldier of the Cross" is a good one. I just recently found Bryan Sutton's "Bluegrass Guitar". It's great, with some really good mandolin, fiddle and banjo. You'd think it was all guitar, but it's a great BG album.

Feb-23-2004, 11:56am
A recent whim I indulged is:

Stony Point Quartet "Band of Angels"

...found at your local Cracker Barrel. Part of their Heritage music collection. Very satisfying.

Feb-25-2004, 11:09pm
Thanks guys for the recomendations, I am going to hear Doyle Lawson locally on March 5, I'll get a cd from him there. I'll also check out the others. Thanks.