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Feb-19-2004, 10:10pm

I recently got an 8-string 60's or 70's Japanese electric mandolin/mandola (Bruno Royal Artist). #It has a scale of around 15 7/8" and is currently strung for a mandolin tuning. #I would like to set it up as a mandola instead. #I tend to like heavy strings, so I was thinking .048, .034, .024, .012. #However, I noticed on previous threads that people recommend using lighter strings for an electric. #Any advice on what string weights work well on a solid-body mandola?


Feb-19-2004, 11:04pm
The next step down (and on an older instrument) probably a good alternative to try would be something like the GHS PF285, Octave Mandolin strings. These are, .044, .032, .022 and .012. On shorter scaled mandola's like your Bruno's you may need to go up a size on both the C and A courses. But, this packaged set should get you started.

If you can post a picture of this instrument, it would be appreciated.

Feb-20-2004, 1:23am
I hasten to add that I have a set of those GHS octave mandolin strings that I do not need. However:

1) they are loop-end;
2) they are phosphor bronze, so they may not work so well with the Bruno's magnetic pickup.

Dolamon, you can find a photo of the Bruno Royal Artist at emando.com.

Feb-22-2004, 1:45pm
Thanks for the help! I put on a set of nickelwound .046, .032, 022, .014 strings and it seems to be a good weight. I bought two sets of GHS ultra lights and traded the shop the extras for the .046 strings.

I don't have any pictures, but my mandola looks exactly like the Bruno Royal Artist on emando.com. The picture there doesn't do justice to the headstock. It is faced in the same material as the pickguard and is both handsome and kitschy.