View Full Version : Looking for a particular custom mandolin.

Mike Franklin
Feb-19-2004, 8:11pm
Hello kind people,

20 or more years ago I built a custom made solid body electric mandolin for
a fellow picker. In the end, he decided he didn't want this instrument, so
I traded it for an electric guitar at a local music store, where it was
sold to a stranger and soon left town. Lately I have been curious about
whatever happend to this mandolin, and or where it might be now.

If you have ever seen this instrument, you would not forget it. It is
absolutely round in shape, except for the neck, which has a snake peghead
shape. The body of the mandolin is solid teak, with a chrome bridge and
pickguard-tailpiece unit. The neck is mahogany, with a bound ebony
fingerboard and a fancy modernistic vine inlay. Everything on this
instrument except the tuners and fretwire was made from scratch by me. In
its early days, this mandolin was displayed in the Bellingham, WA Museum as
part of a show on local woodworkers/craftspeople. It was named "The
Original Space Cookie".

If anybody knows anything at all about this instrument I would really
appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you,

Mike in Bellingham, WA.

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Feb-20-2004, 1:20am
Sounds cool. Would there be an old photo you could scan?