View Full Version : Remington Ride

Feb-19-2004, 7:03pm
I've fallin' in love with the song "Remington Ride". Does anyone know where I can get some tab for it. I would like to come up with my own version, but so far I am in the bare melody stages and need a little creative help. Unfortunately I cannot access the Co-Mando files for some reason so that won't work. Any help or info would great be appreciated. By the way, who originally did this great song???!!!

Scotti Adams
Feb-19-2004, 7:37pm
..I think it was origionally done by and maybe written by Don Reno....slap me if Im wrong

Feb-19-2004, 7:37pm
There's a transcription in an early issue of Mandolin News of the awe inspiring insane solo by Andy Statman taken on an early Tony Trischka album. Bob Wills's great steel player Herb Remington did it originally, of course!

Feb-19-2004, 7:59pm
Hmmm, Andy Statman? Don't know if I'm up to an awe inspiring rendition quite yet. Does anyone have their own version that maybe they could scan me? Thanks for the feedback.