View Full Version : Ou est-ce que Benignus?

Dec-06-2004, 10:25am
Anyone know why we haven't had tbe honor of hearing a Benignus submission since Cold Frosty Morn?


Dec-06-2004, 12:12pm
I've been thinking of that too. I miss him!

Bill Snyder
Dec-06-2004, 1:37pm
I would not know why Benignus has not uploaded any more songs, but he is still taking part in other threads at the Mandolin Cafe. He posted yesterday in the General Discussions area about teachers in CA.

Dec-06-2004, 5:39pm
Still like his "Little Rastifarian Boy" aka Red Haired Boy....

Dec-07-2004, 3:22pm
I wondered the same thing and contacted him, seems he's been working his tail off outa town for his job for the last few weeks, but said he had a mando with him so all is not lost.

Michael H Geimer
Dec-08-2004, 11:21am
Still alive, and well (if exhausted)! But hey! It's nice to be missed. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Sorry that I've been away from the project for a spell. Duuuude is right about me being busy with work (I'm working in Michigan right now taking a rare break from proofreading ingredients and nutrition)

But, even beyond that, at home I've been happily busy jamming with a number of cool musicians I've recently met. So, my desire to record has been low as I've been focused on live performance.

But even beyond that ... I've fallen back in love with the guitar recently after finding and old 50's Kay archtop in a junk store for a song. I'm trying to become a wannabe David Rawlings, and that plywood Kay really has the right punch (though I did choose to bring a mandolin with me on this trip). I also have my eye on a sweeeeeet 50's Gibson J-50 that is so beat up it looks like your favorite pair of Levi's, and sounds absolutley incredible (I've literally been dreaming about it, so Santa better do me right this year ... I've been good).

So, those are all my sorry excuses. I hope all is well in Mando-Project-Land. I'll try to record my latest creation when and if I ever get home-sweet-home. I wrote it in my hotel room while gazing out the window at the Kellogg's building.

I'm calling it "The Cereal Box Breakdown ". LOL!

Dec-08-2004, 3:28pm
It's good to hear from you Benignus!!!! Go ahead with that guitar! It's cool to play different instruments, I am currently learning, besides the mandolin, the fiddle and the tin whistle. But I'm planning on buying a Gold Tone F-style mandolin sometime in January-February. The dealer who also hosts the bluegrass jam in Göteborg brought some Gold Tone instruments the last time I was there, and I played the mandolin, fell in love with it right away. It's also very affordable for being an imported F-style.

Hope to hear from you soon again!!!!

God bless,