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Dec-04-2004, 7:30pm
I checked on the Cafe Tabs and on TabEdit and could not locate. Anyone have the tabs for this?

Dec-04-2004, 10:07pm
Here you go.....from Mandozine

Dec-05-2004, 10:43am
Thank you !

I was just realizing that I didn't have the TabEdit viewed on my computer. Before I downloaded it, I clicked on the Sailor's Hornpipe TEF file and receive a message asking what program I wanted to open it with. I mistakenly did a "browse" and tried the Windows Media Player. Now, after downloading all the TabEdit files to my PC, anytime I click on one, WMP tries to open it and it can't. When I go to the TabEdit Viewer and seach to open the TabEdit Zip files, the Viewer can't "see" them. For those of you more computer-literate than I am (many), can you tell me what I'm doing incorrectly?

Thank you

Tom C
Dec-05-2004, 10:53am
You can bring up explorer by right clicking on the start menu bar at the bottom of you computer. Click on tools menuitem and select 'folder options'. Click on 'File Types'
tab, and select the extension (.tef) that you want to change the startup program for and press "Change" and select appropriate application. That will solve what program opens that file type with. Why you can't see them from TEF veiver? -Check the directory it is searching in.

Dec-05-2004, 2:01pm

Thanks, followed your instructions to the letter. I still can't use the viewer to open the zipped TabEdit files, but if I open the zipped folder on its own, now I can read, play or print them, which is fine with me.

Thanks for your excellent instructions.


Dec-05-2004, 4:12pm
Good luck with the tune. It's really nice and not too hard to play.

Tom C
Dec-05-2004, 5:25pm
You first need to extract the files from the zipped file and save them to a directory. You do not open the .zip file from the viewer.

Dec-05-2004, 6:04pm
Great Tune and a real good one to warm up with! It'll get your pinky tied up!!

Dec-06-2004, 7:31am
Just unzipped them and works like a charm. Tom, thanks for all the assistance.

Tom C
Dec-06-2004, 7:41am
Sailor's hornpipe is also called College Hornpipe

Mark Seale
Dec-07-2004, 8:45pm
Sailor's hornpipe is also called College Hornpipe
hmm, I don't think so. I believe College Hornpipe is a Bb tune. I'll have to check my archives, but I recall College being a much more difficult tune.