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Dec-03-2004, 8:12am
Having recently fixed up one of my older turntables to fine running condition, I've been burning LPs in my collection onto cdr, everything from Tull, Steeleye, Sandy Denny, Malicorne, Planxty, High Level Ranters to Nick Lowe, Brinsley Schwarz, Groundhogs, Family, Goose Creek to Buck Owens, Commander Cody, George Jones to Ornette Coleman, Wes, Oregon, Dolphy etc.

Got to Johnny Winter yesterday. Once in a while, he'll do a track on mandolin, such as <span style='color:red'>"Too Much Seconal" on Still Alive and Well.</span>

I hadn't listen to <span style='color:red'>Second Winter</span> in a long time, and there was a five minute track (<span style='color:red'>"I'm Not Sure"</span>) with Johnny on amped up mandolin,with Edgar on harpsichord plus elec. bass & drums. #At first I didn't notice it was (mando cause it was amped up and he's string bending(, which demonstrates that he pulled it off, integrating the instrument into the situation.

I know he used mando on occasion on some of those early sessions, but I don't have Progressive Blues Experiment anymore or much of the non-Columbia label stuff.

Add what you can to the Winter mando-discography list....

Niles H

Dec-03-2004, 12:25pm
Fascinating; I'll check out my old J.Winter albums more closely this weekend. That the man has not been inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame is a cryin' shame!

Dec-03-2004, 1:46pm
thanks niles- just went to bestbuy.com and listened to clips from both of those tunes- i really dig the "too much seconal" as it sounds like a great blend of hard electric and old time blues mandolin.
must get those cuts!!!!! i only have best of.. saints and sinners, and white/hot/blue (unfortunately all on vinyl).
lost some hearing in my left ear when as a youth stood too close to the stacks at a johnny show at lamours rock club in brooklyn ny.

Feb-17-2005, 11:36am
after browsing through the album sound samples at Amazon I'll add the following to the Johnny Winter mando discography.....

<span style='color:red'>"Bad Luck And Trouble" - PROGRESSIVE BLUES EXPERIMENT</span>

Feb-17-2005, 12:02pm
When I fancied myself a player of the electric guitar, Johnny Winter was one of my greatest childhood heroes. #I've seen him several times and have around a dozen or better of his albums (mostly on cassette). #I haven't pulled them out for a long time. #I recall that one of my favorites came just after Johnny passed his rock-star phase and moved back into more traditional blues, Nothin' but the Blues. #I also really liked one of his early CDs recorded with that funky Hondo, Guitar Slinger. #Unfortunately, I don't recall any mando on these whatsoever (it has been a while since I've listened). #In any event, this has inspired me to dig out the ol' Johnny Winter material and put it on rotation again. #Thank you for your continuous exploration of the mandoperiphery, Niles.

Feb-18-2005, 1:07pm
Sort of unrelated, but our blues band just picked up a new bass player, George Sheck, who was in White Trash with Edgar Winter and also played/toured with Johnny and Leon Russell. Great guy, great player. We were very luck to get him. He just retired to Sun City close by.....we're getting old......::blues: