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Avi Ziv
Dec-02-2004, 8:23pm
I haven't bought any Irish music cd's in a while but a recent search shows various Green Linnet cd's simply not available. I'm not talking about obscure artists. I'm talking about the Bothy Band! You can see it if you try to buy on Amazon or even to to the Green Linnet own site. Others are missing as well... What's going on? I did hear about some law suit against them. Does this have anything to do with titles being removed from their catalog?

I'm really curious.


Dec-02-2004, 8:47pm
Green Linnet (http://www.thesession.org/discussions/index.php/search?name=Green+Linnet+) discussed at The Session. I won't bother reposting the (lengthy) statement of the artists (the Green Linnet Five) currently suing the label, but the gist of their beef is that the company hasn't paid them for their work. Altan, for instance, alleges arrears back to 1997.

Avi Ziv
Dec-02-2004, 9:13pm
Right...I heard something about it before but this is a big confirmation. Still, do you think this can explain the absence of Bothy Band titles? They are not listed as being part of the law suit. I was also looking for Poirt an Phiobaire by Paddy Keenan and it's not being sold. Is there an alternate US source for the missing cd's? Of course I can get them by shopping at Custy's http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Thanks for the links to the session

Dec-03-2004, 3:54am
They cleared out a ton of titles a month ago, according to the posts at the session, if you go and look. Presumably, they are now cleared out. I don't know why they did, or whether they intend to (or can) reprint, but presumably as in any publishing business, once a publisher dumps their stock on the grounds of supposed "unsalability" (which contractually negates any royalties on discounted items) they can't go back and press more.

Dec-05-2004, 3:23pm
last I heard is the company is trying to become sold...no idea how that's working out for them.


Dec-05-2004, 4:16pm
It sounds a little like the owners are busy stripping the company of assets in the expectation of losing their court case with the unpaid artists.