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Nov-30-2004, 7:24pm
Watch out for Uncle Earl, the Mammals, and Foghorn Stringband being booked together as the Old-Time Tidalwave. You can see a great video of Uncle Earl performing at the Kennedy Center (http://www.kennedy-center.org/programs/millennium/artist_detail.cfm?artist_id=UNCLEEARL). This mostly women's band is a powerhouse of old-time and bluegrass musicians. KC Groves is a vocalist, very fine mandolin player as well as the founder of the band. Can't wait for the release of their new CD in the Spring. We'll get to see them at LVD's Concert Hall (http://www.lvds.info/pages/6/index.htm) in Goshen on January 22nd.


Nov-30-2004, 11:33pm
I agree ... great band. I've seen them a couple of times, and hope they can get back here to the western slope of CO soon.
I thought they were going to be playing here [in Carbondale, CO] in the next week or two ... but it looks like that may not be happening.
Rayna Gellert, fiddle player for the band is one of my favorite fiddle players.

Dec-01-2004, 6:27am
I'm looking forward to finally getting to see her play live. We're lucky enough to have her Dad, Dan Gellert (http://www.DanGellert.com/), as a local musician who enjoys playing for our dances.

Dec-02-2004, 2:21pm
Have you seen Foghorn before? #

They'll knock your socks off, and more!!


Dec-05-2004, 9:45am
Z, where is Foghorn from? Uncle Earl plays a lot of show here in CO, so they are not to hard to catch here.
Dan Gellert is a great musician. Love his stuff.

John Flynn
Dec-05-2004, 9:57am
That is a great link to a great performance. Thanks. I was already a fan of Rayna Gellert. I highly recommend her CD. She has the ability to be precise and incredibly smooth, but also sound spontaneous at the same time. Also, a lot of the good young fiddlers in my area are fans of hers and have been to her workshops and performances, so I hear her style imitatated all the time, which is very much to my liking.

Dan Adams
Dec-06-2004, 5:05pm
Our guitar player had Uncle Earl in a house concert last night for about 70 lucky guest Two 45 minute sets. Great performance, and what a good group of people. They were really good with the audience by telling stories and the history of the music. They just released a EP with 7 songs on it for the week in Colorado which the sold a few of last night along with some of their other Cd's. The best, or worse part of the evening; we got to follow them with a short 20 minute set to close the evening. A little unnerving knowing they were in the room and you're trying to play. It was a fun night and I would recommend seeing them anywhere and anytime!

I can't pick with both hands around my neck! Dan

Dec-06-2004, 5:09pm
Hey mandorado, Foghorn Stringband is out of Portland, OR. #Check out:


They have two CD's recorded, both of which I would highly recommend. #A really cool thing about them is that they play a lot of fast, complex fiddle tunes where fiddle and mando are together note-for-note (or nearly so) all the way through. #It is subtle enough that when you first hear them (on cd or live) you may not realize it right away.

I've seen them a number of times and the are the proverbial "tough act to follow".

Check 'em out!