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Brian Ray
Nov-25-2004, 4:23pm
Happy Thanksgiving all!

Today also happens to be my birthday (every 6 years or so). I thought I'd share my present to myself... Not sure what the exact number is but she's already got her name... "Ol' Orange". This will become obvious soon enough.

The inlay...

The back...

And the top...

Nov-25-2004, 4:24pm
Very nice. That is something to be thankful for!

Scotti Adams
Nov-25-2004, 6:40pm
..Hey Jeremy..hows that scroll?...And Dass..I know why you chose the name...but I wont tell your secret...looks good.

Undercover Brother
Nov-25-2004, 6:42pm
WOW! Love the line up the back of the neck... nice design on the headstock too!
What's the due date?


Scotti Adams
Nov-25-2004, 6:53pm
Yep..looks like another 3 piece neck as is my #40 and the Heirloom model which is #43....yours will more than likely be #42. Ben doesnt # them as he completes them its as he starts them...I believe.

Nov-25-2004, 7:30pm
Man, I'll tell ya, Ben is getting it together. I'm going to have to talk to him about an Heirloom varnish sometime soon. Dasspunk, for sure, you've got a lot to be thankful for and also something to look forward to. By the way, I've enjoyed watching your videos on your homesite. You be stylin' and pro-filin'.


Skip Kelley
Nov-25-2004, 7:39pm
It looks great! Keep us posted!

Brian Ray
Nov-25-2004, 8:26pm
Ben will be scraping and then we will see what we will see. I'll post as they come. I love the inlay Ben designed. It's exactly what I wanted and includes a little nod to the overall design inspiration. I've always liked the look of a three piece neck... and if it adds strength, even better.

JimW, thanks for the kind words...

If you'd like, you can see even more photos here (http://homepage.mac.com/rayb/PhotoAlbum1.html).

Scotti Adams
Nov-26-2004, 7:47am
Jim..as of now..well..when I picked up varnish #40..that was the second one in varnish that he has done. His Heirloom model is laquer...he wants to do one in varnish...hes not quite sure how to go about it. Im sure he will figure it out.

Nov-26-2004, 11:15am
You will not be disappointed!

Brian Ray
Nov-27-2004, 11:40am
HOLY ####!




Nov-27-2004, 11:48am
Thats the color you always wanted...looks great

Nov-27-2004, 12:46pm

Looking very nice!

Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2004, 1:33pm
Wow..that thing is on fire..can you same flame?....nice.

Nov-27-2004, 4:25pm
Geez dass,

you wait this long for some killer figure and you settle for that plain old back?

holy snikees that's an awesome looking mandolin.

(after viewing your website, and reading a little, I assume your November is ending better than it started).

Nov-27-2004, 6:54pm
Hey you punk....how'd/where'd you get that wood? When I ordered mine, I stressed to Ben that I wanted really high quality figured wood for the back. But it's NOTHING like that.

Brian Ray
Nov-27-2004, 8:06pm
Oddly, Ben mentioned he could get some maple that had a tighter stripe. I told him I liked this just fine.

There's more yet to come...

Also Levin, love the "Tommy Boy" reference... one of my favorites. "Was that a niner in there..." or "I can actually hear you getting fatter".

Nov-28-2004, 3:02am
That is unreal. Can't wait to see more.

Nov-28-2004, 6:07pm
Aw man that one is super sweet! That is the exact color scheme that I want in a mandola when and if I can ever get one from someone. Nice vintage Pumpkin top look to it. I love it, and tigh curl on the bakc is amazing!

I thought the maple on mine was pretty tight but that one is insane! I'd hate to see the one he said was tight?

Scotti Adams
Dec-07-2004, 8:55am
well now..any pics of the final product? you kinda left us hangin here... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Kevin K
Dec-07-2004, 9:39am
Yeah, we want to see it.

Dec-07-2004, 12:13pm
I'm speech-less!

Brian Ray
Dec-07-2004, 3:29pm
I'm waiting to hear from Ben... pictures to come...

Undercover Brother
Dec-07-2004, 10:30pm
Hey Dasspunk -
You mentioned earlier that the headstock "includes a little nod to the overall design inspiration".
What was the inspiration?


Dec-07-2004, 10:52pm
Maybe its just me (and it probably is), but as soon as I saw the headstock design on this BRW it reminded me of the Brentrup design. BRW #41 is doing great BTW, and really opened up just recently. Its gotten so loud!

Brian Ray
Dec-08-2004, 10:51am
Ben shipped her out today. Should be in my hot little hands Friday! The agony...

The overall design inspiration comes from the Gretsch 6120 (http://www.gretschpages.com/models/6120/index.php) of the 60s. In the inlay that Ben designed, you'll see a little horseshoe which pays tribute to the Gretsch headstock logo.

Tom C
Dec-08-2004, 10:57am
Cool, I do not think I ever saw an F-5 in that flavor. Mmmmmm .......Orange.
Usually only in an A style there are similar flavors like the . That will look spiffy once fretted and all the hardware is on.

Kevin K
Dec-10-2004, 1:02pm
Well it's Friday. Maybe we'll get to see it today.

Brian Ray
Dec-10-2004, 11:47pm
Sorry folks, FedEx made me wait till 6:30... There will be pictures tomorrow.

Now then, less typey more picky...

Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:11pm
Nothing shows off how bad your lighting is like taking photos of a mando... yeesh. This is the best I could do thus far...


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:12pm


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:13pm
The fretboard has the Gretsch neo-classical inlay style...


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:14pm
Uh... flamey...


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:15pm
The family...


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 1:19pm
Almost forgot, here's a closeup of the ebony tailpiece...


Dec-11-2004, 1:34pm
dasspunk, you are starting to amass quite a stable. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif Thatís a fantastic looking mandolin. I love the different appointments and while I've never seen a fretboard inlay pattern like that, I think it really fits within the complete theme of your BRW. Now, I know your fingers are sore, but we want to hear it. Congrats on a beautiful addition to your mandolin family.

Jim Watts

Dec-11-2004, 2:18pm
very very nice dasspunk!

How does the sound compare?

Dec-11-2004, 8:23pm
Very cool...I love to see variations on a F5 style. Tell me more about that tailpiece, you said ebony? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Undercover Brother
Dec-11-2004, 8:27pm
Yowza and another Chris Farley-like 'Holy Schnikees'!
That is one magnificent lookin' mandolin, dasspunk.
The Ebony for the tailpiece is waaaaaaaaay cool. Nifty case too.
Can't wait to hear what you think about that pumkin's BARK!


Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 9:26pm
First off, I'm completely blown away by the craftsmanship. Ben is truely in the upmost top tier of builders IMO. I'm not sure how to describe it. It just feels solid and has a depth to it's responsiveness that few mandolins I've played have.

Second, it has what I think of as the "chocolate highs". Not sure if this will make sense to y'all but some mando's high end is so smooth... it makes my mouth water... similar to the taste of chocolate. Lol... sounds dumb but it's true. I suppose this may be what folks think of as the Gibson sound... either way, I hear it when I listen to the Compton/Long house shows... Other words I'd use are: Buttery, silky, delicate... mmmm.

The tailpiece is a standard mando tailpiece, covered with ebony and engraved. It's something Ben cooked up and we went with it. Cool, unusual... and sharp! Them corners are scratching the hell out of my forearm! May have to do a little sanding.

I'll work on posting a few tunes. I went to Uhaul and bought some moving blankets to create a make-shift iso booth... hope to cut down on some of the volume... I've been playing non-stop and my neighbor is likely none too happy about this purchase. Might be able to post tomorrow but I'm picking with friends in Oakland in the afternoon so might be latter still...

Brian Ray
Dec-11-2004, 10:56pm
Oh, FYI... Number 44, born Dec. 6th, 2004.

Brian Ray
Dec-12-2004, 2:02pm
Here's a couple of quick recordings I made this morning. Nothing fancy... just a bit of noodling. Got to find the right mic for her... this one's a bit harsh.

Drifting too far from the beat (http://www.dasspunk.com/music/grass/Drifting.mp3)
G Thang (http://www.dasspunk.com/music/grass/G%20Thang.mp3)

Oh, and here's a look at the new and improved "Studio 51"... #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Undercover Brother
Dec-12-2004, 3:59pm
Totally cool! Breakin' in a new mando must be a great way to spend the weekend!
The sound is everything I'd expect from a BRW - I think you're right about the Chocolate Highs.
There is a bit of "tightness" to it that I guess is what you lose during the opening up period.
Bitchin' studio too!

Enjoy #44!


Dec-12-2004, 4:34pm
I love it!! Those appointments would also look great on the J-16 style.

I'm impressed with the results Ben gets when he strays from a traditional sunburst. There are several examples on his site....the D-18 look on the 2-point, the bleached-looking A-style, the plum-colored J-16....all are excellent. I'm glad #23 is very traditional, but I'd also like to have one that's outside the box.

Tom C
Dec-12-2004, 6:19pm

Tom C
Dec-12-2004, 9:06pm
You have to hold the mando flat like a pizza. Your dot markers slipped to the slide http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Jim M.
Dec-14-2004, 1:39pm
That really came out great. When you told me you were going to get an orange one, I knew Ben would be the guy who could really deliver. SOunds great too. Congratulations.

Brian Ray
Dec-15-2004, 1:24am
Thanks all,

I just got back from the Compton/Long workshop/concert. Low and behold, I met a fellow picker named Tom who also had an orange Calton... small world! We may be the only two though...

Skip Kelley
Dec-15-2004, 6:01am
Cool mando and matching case! You better not hid in the "studio" all Christmas or Santa might put just coal in your stocking! Enjoy your new mandolin!!

Dec-15-2004, 6:52am
actually i hear orange is one of the most popular colors. there is a 20 week wait right now though.