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Sep-13-2011, 5:59pm
What a treat, a fantastic gig. To top it off for us mando geeks, Chris had the loan of loar 75317, the next serial up from his 75316.

His playing was top-notch, and the crowd was fantastic too. Hope to have some photos for everyone in a couple days when I'm back home with the card reader!

Sep-13-2011, 6:19pm
Dan, I will be at Thile's Sheffield gig on Sunday. Your report has whetted my appetite. Can you say who is backing him on the tour now that Michael Daves has had to pull out?

Sep-13-2011, 7:45pm
Is it possible that Mr Thile left his Loar back in the states in order to avoid vigorous prosecution of the Lacey Act or CITES?
Not only is there ebony in the fingerboard, but likely ivory in the points binding.
I pity the peripatetic concert violinist with his bow full of banned materials.

Sep-14-2011, 3:30am
That was an extraordinary gig, enjoyed every last minute of it! The man is too talented!! Some fantastic harmony singing from the crowd too on Bury Me Beneath the Willow....

Took a couple of video's that I'll try get uploaded next week when Im home, but yea, still in awe of what I saw last night....

A real pity that Micheal Daves couldnt make it, but Chris made it up for it and more

Cant speak highly enough of the show!

Sep-14-2011, 3:51am
Still humming the tunes, and we can all say we performed live with Chris Thile in London!

eightmoremiles, he mostly played his normal one 75316, but was obviously just getting a huge kick out of being able to play -17.

He's a great combination of the consumate virtuoso combined with the wicked court jester.

Apparently he's got laundry issues, but hasn't been in touch about my suggestion to go over to my mums place to get it done.

For those who missed the chance he's at Wigmore Hall on Friday, but you'll have to take a chance on 'returns only' for tickets

Sep-14-2011, 4:00am
So that was you, eh Beanzy? Yes, fantastic gig. Delighted he took the suggestion to play "Jerusalem Ridge".. There were quite a few Monroe sets in honor of big Mon's birthday, all great stuff. As the official Cafe ambassador to mandolinists for London, I tossed out a cafe ball cap, awarded for "clear awesomeness in the area of Mandolinitude"

He's playing the gigs solo, but don't let that dampen your enthusiasm at all. He was absolutely on fire last night, even since I saw him a few years ago.. not to be missed for mandolin fans.

From Chris's Twitter feed, here are 75316 & 75317

Matt Hutchinson
Sep-14-2011, 5:53am
I had tickets for the gig last night and ended up having to miss it. I'm a huge fan of Chris so I'm gutted but glad you all had fun!

Sep-18-2011, 5:09am
So, just recovering from seeing Chris twice in a week, in very different settings!

The Wigmore Hall gig was really interesting. Chris opened with a few tunes on his own, opening with a slow bluegrass tune and mixing in a bit of Punch Brothers. He then played the Bach D minor and Rabbit in a Log - not sure what the jazzers in the audience made of that! The mando and piano together was interesting, and they explored a lot of ideas. I may be biased, but I was disappointed that Mehldau didn't depart much from jazz pianist mode, while Chris was obviously trying to push boundaries.

The absence of mics was really nice - Chris was wandering all over the stage, and was really communicating with the audience when singing.

A question - does anyone know what tune he opened with at the Borderline? I think he said it was Monroe. Really slow and intense.

Sep-19-2011, 1:04am
dwne: it was Bill Monroe's "Evening Prayer Blues".

Sep-19-2011, 1:07am
Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the show

just to reiterate what a joy this show was, both obviously for Chris on stage and for the crowd. I have not seen dynamics between performer and audience this good at many shows in my life, truly one of the very best live performances I have ever attended!

Sep-19-2011, 1:13am
Another fun bit of trivia for Loar geeks: Chris has 75316. Lloyd Loar's personal F5 was 75315. He's pictured above also holding 75317 (with pickguard). Thile has a secretary named Lincoln, Lincoln had a secretary named Thile (need to fact check that last one)

Sep-19-2011, 1:22pm
"clear awesomeness in the area of Mandolinitude" :))

That should be an award the cafe bestows in some kind of formal setting. And the trophy should have a gold colored F5 headstock with the relevant information on it, atop a platform held up by two gold colored scantlily clad women with wings playing F5s, with a curly banner at the bottom that says "Clear Awesomeness in the Area of Mandolinitude". The CAAM awards.

OK ok, you can put a small chicken on the bottom platform at the feet of one of the angels.

Sep-20-2011, 7:57am
How did 75317 come into his hands? Did a fan bring it to the show, or a friend loan it to him? There's an implied "or what" in there to cover other possibilities.

Sep-20-2011, 8:04am
It belongs to John Paul Jones.

Sep-20-2011, 9:09am
Side note, but would anyone happen to have contact info for JPJ?

Cornelius Morris
Sep-20-2011, 10:01am
Dan's subtle JFK joke here, in #11, for you young people.

Ken Waltham
Sep-20-2011, 8:14pm
Huh. Never realized I was in such good company. I own 75319.

barney 59
Sep-20-2011, 8:27pm
So who knows anything about some upcoming Thile,Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer,Stuart Duncan release?

Sep-21-2011, 7:12am
I think JPJ was in the audience at the Borderline as apparently were the Mumfords - astonishingly good gig :-))))

Hopefully, one day, we'll convince Chris to play at a UK festival.

D. Roberts
Sep-21-2011, 8:16am
Wow Ken!!!
Your mandolin looks AWESOME!!!
Thanks for the pictures.