View Full Version : Sonata Mandolin

Sep-09-2011, 9:34pm
Anybody ever hear of a Sonata F style mandolin? I just got one and it has a good sound. I imagine it is Asian but it's all wood and I just wondered if anybody could shed some light on it's origins.

Sep-09-2011, 10:39pm
Well, some Google searching found "Sonata" to be an Asian brand sold by The Music Room in the UK. Their current website, however, doesn't list any Sonata instruments. There are references to used Sonata banjos being sold in England. No current website that I've been able to find.

"Sonata" was also a Harmony nameplate here in the US. Guitars only, as far as I can find; certainly no F-model mandolins, if by "F style" you mean the classic Gibson scroll-and-points silhouette.