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Feb-18-2004, 7:59am
Anybody catch the chords to this masterpiece? Just a perfect melody, which sounds like it has maj. 7 chords behind it, I think it's in E. Was listening to a 1982 show at McCabe's with Reischman, Todd Phillips, Fred Carpenter. This was during T's "I'm getting away from dawg music" period.

Feb-18-2004, 1:52pm
He wasn't straying far from Dawg music, this tune is on Hot Dawg

Feb-18-2004, 2:18pm
This live performance dates from 1982, long after he left Grisman's band.

Klaus Wutscher
Feb-19-2004, 12:55pm
I think a fellow mandolinist in town, Christian Gruber Ruess did play it with his quintet...IŽll ask him. Chances are if he figured the changes they should be pretty accurate since he studied that Jaaaz thang...nice guy by the way, check out his CD.IŽll keep you informed.


Feb-24-2004, 11:24pm
The form goes:
Emaj7/B dominant 7th with a 9 and an 11 (I don't know exactly what you call that chord; think of it as an A chord (A, C#, E notes) with a B in the bass. It functions as your dominant though.)/ Emaj7/Bm/Emaj7/B dominant/Emaj7/B dominant
Dmaj7/A dominant (just move everything down a whole step, don't play that minor that's in the first part, and only play the changes twice in D)
Go back to the Emaj7/B dominant two times, then the turnaround goes:
Bb6/9, C6/9, Bb6/9, then that same weird dominant chord from before, but play it as a G, then an A, then a B which is the 5 chord that will bring you back to the key of E. I hope that's not too confusing. The guitar chords Rice plays on there are:

E maj7th: A string 7th fret, D string 6th fret, G string 8th fret, B string 7th fret.

B dominant: Low E string 7th fret, A string muted, D string 7th fret, G string 6th fret, B string 5th fret, E string 5th fret

D maj7tj: move the Emaj7 down 2 frets

A dominant: move the B dominant down 2 frets

Bb6/9: Low E string 6th fret, A string 5th fret, D string 5th fret, G string 5th fret, B string 6th fret, E string 6th fret.

C6/9: move the Bb6/9 up two frets

G and A dominants: move that B dominant so that you have G and A in the bass.

I hope that this is beneificial, and not confusing. I just love the tune so I thought I'd try to help out. It's actually a pretty easy form when you think about it. I don't have the patience to write out the mando chords though!
Have fun.

Feb-24-2004, 11:58pm
What I remember reading was when Grisman and Grapelli started planning a tour together, Tony wanted out, so Mike Marshall replaced him...everything. I saw that lineup at the GAMH in SF, what a show!

Feb-25-2004, 5:55am
Thanks Klaus - I'd love to get some mando voicings from that fellow, maybe you could PM me with his email?

Mandology - thanks, dude, good stuff there. Someone had sent me the sheet music for that tune and you are right on with the changes, even more so. What, did Tony sit you down and say "here, this is how to do it.."? If you want a burn of that TRU show, just holler.

Feb-25-2004, 12:44pm
I was just listening to it one day and decided I wanted to learn it... so I started listening real hard! That's the only way I can learn, and it seems to work well.
Man, I'd love to get a copy of that show if you got one.

Feb-25-2004, 1:04pm
You got it, send me your mailing address