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dan in va
Aug-06-2011, 10:38am
This is a little detail that I haven't run across yet. It's known the first adjustable rods had the bend backwards. I've heard this was a pre WW2 thing, but exactly what year did Gibson correct the bow?

Aug-06-2011, 10:59am
The bent-backwards truss rods work, straight rods work, and bent-forward rods work if they are installed correctly, so if function is the goal, they are all correct.
As for when or if the direction of the bend was changed, I don't know.

Bruce Evans
Aug-06-2011, 11:01am
The bent-backwards truss rods work....

This is the first I have heard of "bent-backwards truss rods." Can somebody elaborate, please?

Aug-06-2011, 12:31pm
Here's the original truss rod from a 20s snake head ready to go in the blank for the replica neck I'm making for it. The curved rod lies right in the bottom of a matching curved slot in the neck, and the maple filler stick you see in the pic fits right on top of the curved rod.

dan in va
Aug-06-2011, 12:50pm
Some 15 years ago I had a '23 F4 with truss rod issues. The guy at Gruhn's told me the old backward rod worked fine unill the nut was tightened to a point where it then caused the neck to bow forward. I cut this one loose because the repair wasn't done well and the nut kept on screwing into the neck as it was tightened. Also, the Virzi had been hacked out...I wonder how it would've sounded with Virzi intact and the best combination of strings and picks.

So my OP wasn't intended to imply the original rods don't work. Certainly my '25 A neck is straight, which reminds me how much I miss it. When will we have a homecoming for it, John?!

Nice pic there.

Aug-06-2011, 1:00pm
After Galax... ;)