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Jersey Jeff
Aug-01-2011, 9:23am
I just won this mando on Ebay. Can anyone tell me if it is actually a Dobro brand, and/or any other info about it?




Aug-01-2011, 9:46am
That's one of the ones Regal made under their license, so it wasn't made by the Dopyeras, but it's still their design. I don't know enough about the cones to know if that's the original one or not, which is a thing that collectors do care about.

Aug-01-2011, 10:02am
You seem to have almost all the parts, other than one "screen hole" cover and the tuners. Getting it for under $200 seems a decent bargain, IMHO. Looks like a stamped, rather than spun, cone, but an expert would have to examine it "up close" to determine.

Regal built bodies for National, Dobro, and National/Dobro when the two companies merged in the late 1930's. Dobro supplied the resonator hardware. Some were sold as "Dobro" (I have one), some as "Regal." Not a great deal of difference, other than different patterns of openings in the resonator coverplate.

What are your plans -- restore it, or use it for parts? Fair amount of work (refinish, some refret, getting another screen hole cover, new tuners, nut etc.) to get it playable, but I predict you'll enjoy it when and if you do.

Jersey Jeff
Aug-02-2011, 9:54am
Thanks for the info guys. I plan to restore it. Toughest part may be finding a replacement for the missing screen hole cover. Maybe a guitar size cover will fit.

Aug-02-2011, 11:39am
...Maybe a guitar size cover will fit.

It won't. There was a thread in the Builders forum (which I can't find) from a repair person who was looking for screen hole covers for a mandolin, and found them somewhere. Custom Inlay (http://shop.custominlay.com/Dobro-Sound-Hole-Screens-DP-130.htm?categoryId=86) and other vendors have the guitar-size screens; you might contact one of them and see if they can find the smaller mandolin-size ones.

Aug-02-2011, 7:42pm
by now most of them need neck resets . seems woods were kind of soft.