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Nov-14-2004, 8:53am
Anyone know a UK source for these?

Aidan Crossey
Nov-14-2004, 10:52am
Bren ... not a UK source, but Elderly ship worldwide and I've ordered a few bits and pieces and been happy with the service.

See http://www.elderly.com/brand/PK_other.html


Bret Roberts
Nov-15-2004, 4:04am
Again, not a UK source. But, I ( live in Luxembourg ) have used them for picks and strings and so far have always come under the Luxembourg vat radar and seems to be quite fast. http://www.fqms.com/?source=mc/ also they help sponor this fourm.

Nov-16-2004, 11:36am

I live in the UK (Manchester), and if you are getting hold of any would be willing to go halves on a shipment??

Feel free to drop me an e-mail (paul_cowham@yahoo.co.uk)

Taube Marks
Nov-17-2004, 1:25pm
I simply rang the following telephone number
001 415 454 1187
Artie Rose took my order, and I payed by Barclay VISA. I bought a dozen for $18 (about 10) and had my picks here in Oxford in a little over a week (along with three other disks). It all took about 5 minutes. Easier and faster than the web and cost about 20 pence with VARTEC 1363 phone option.

Taube and quoted my Barclay card number

Taube Marks
Nov-17-2004, 1:28pm
Just telphone them (Acoustic)at:
001 415 454 1187
Quote you charge card number and they will be with you in about a week.

I used VARTEC 1363 calling option, so the call cost about 20 pence.


Nov-17-2004, 1:38pm
With the dollar/euro/pound ratio clearly in the favor of Europeans now, you could almost fly over here, get the picks, and fly back and still save money. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Or you could buy a nice Martin guitar at Elderly plus a few picks, fly back and make money on the sale of the Martin.

Nov-18-2004, 11:41am
Thanks for the suggestion Mike, but I was too busy buying Florida with my petro-pounds to go shopping :-) so I just ordered from Elderly as suggested by Aidan, and I didn't see Taube's suggestion until too late.
I'll let you know how long they take to arrive.
Now, let's see how much they want for Delaware ....