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Jul-12-2011, 9:33am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
Ricky Skaggs - Country Hits: Bluegrass Style

Ricky Skaggs has announced the July 19 release of his upcoming project "Country Hits Bluegrass Style" on Skaggs Family Records. The 14-song release is a mix between Skaggs' country and bluegrass roots.


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re simmers
Jul-12-2011, 11:36am
I just listened to the samples of the first 6 tunes. I did not hear anything different than his country versions 20+ years ago. I'm a Skaggs fanatic, but I already own the country versions.


Jul-12-2011, 12:17pm
I hear ya. I briefly listened to Heartbroke and *think* it was a recent version, with grass instruments among the steel, but hard to tell.

Jul-12-2011, 12:19pm
I tried to order this last night and couldn't get it to get into the check out process.

Scott Tichenor
Jul-12-2011, 12:28pm
I've listened to the entire album several times as I received an advance. The thing that impresses me most is the singing. Have to say a lot of what he's doing now seems to be done so with more emotion. Less slick than the originals, more feeling--I prefer these versions. And then there are all those mandolin breaks that aren't on those originals. pjlama, not sure where you were trying to order from but it's technically not available until the 19th, so say on amazon.com you can't pre-order even. I really like it, but each to their own. There are a few non-bluegrass instruments sprinkled here and there which will likely give a few in the traditional crowd a minor stroke.

Ashville Picker
Jul-12-2011, 3:10pm
I preordered today from a promotional email I received from Skaggs Family Records. It went well.

Can't wait to get the CD. Larry

re simmers
Jul-12-2011, 3:11pm
I'm sure I'll get it. I'm Skaggs fanatic. Plus, I always liked his country stuff, and I only have it on vinyl.

I went to the Skaggs website and they offer a 'pre-order' at $10.99, but I didn't try to order it yet.

I always liked Heartbroke. And I think Cajun Moon is an underrated tune.

From the short samples I heard, I was a little surprised at the drums & steel.


Joe Mendel
Jul-14-2011, 1:12pm
The track listing is very close to the Crack Barrel CD of his country hits from a few years ago. That one is very good, by the way. Does anyone know if these are the same recordings with a couple of extra tracks?

Scott Tichenor
Jul-15-2011, 4:07pm
These are said to be all new recordings of the same songs that were on the Cracker Barrel CD. I don't know the entire story but one can guess and probably get it right. Assuming Cracker Barrel wasn't doing the job he wanted done, they had the rights to the recording and instead of him fighting them decided to go into his own studio and remake and resell them on his own. That's my version. Maybe someone else has another.

Darren Bailey
Jul-18-2011, 1:08pm
Big Skaggs fan, and have ordered it. Hope it grows on me, but the short excerpts I've listened to on the internet sound far too country for my taste - but as it contains one of my favourite mandolin players I'm not going to turn it down.