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Jul-07-2011, 7:37am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
School of Mandolin: Rhythm Changes Book/CD Set

Mel Bay, Inc. has announced the publication of "School of Mandolin: Rhythm Changes Book/CD Set."


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Jul-08-2011, 1:54pm
I would be curious to know more about this book. Is it just a series of tunes, or is there some discussion of the principles behind the rhythm changes as well?

Joe Carr
Jul-08-2011, 4:34pm
Here are some comments from the book.

Two chord concepts are used in this book. Chord embellishment is the extension of the original chords in the chart. C becomes C6, D7 becomes D9, but no new chords are introduced. In chord substitution, we introduce new chords based on substitution rules. New chords are inserted into the progression. In bluegrass style, I strive to not change the basic progression of the song. Even though the mandolin chords may change, the other accompanying instruments can play the normal progression without concern for the mandolin part. Remember, when you embellish chords you don’t have to tell anyone. The music will just sound more complex. If the other instruments play the mandolin changes, the character of the music changes. It no longer sounds "bluegrass." In bluegrass, I prefer the rhythm instruments to play it "straight" while I provide "color" with changing mandolin chords. When you substitute chords you may need to tell the other rhythm players. Your substitutions may or may not clash with the original chords. As always, listen carefully to the music going on around you and make adjustments as necessary.

Jul-08-2011, 5:24pm
Thanks Joe, it looks great. I imagine I will be purchasing the book soon.

Nov-24-2011, 3:09pm
has anyone gotten this book? I am thinking of getting it, especially with Mel Bay offering 50% on purcases tomorrow!

I would be interested in thoughts and insights on the book.