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Jul-03-2011, 2:42pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio

David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio is the title of a new collection from Acoustic Oasis and a trio comprised of David Grisman on mandolin, mandola, tenor guitar, octave mandolin, guitar and vocals;Samson Grisman on bass and vocals;and Jim Hurst on guitar and vocals.


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Jul-03-2011, 9:16pm
I saw Jim Hurst playing with Rob Ickes at ResoSummit last year in Nashville. He's an excellent guitarist and a fine vocalist. I look forward to hearing this collaboration!

Larry Howe
Jul-03-2011, 9:28pm
I saw this trio in March at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. This was when they were recording the cd. It was a really interesting show, very personal. The range of material was a delight, with each member taking turns introducing tunes they chose for the set. The performances were superb.

Larry S Sherman
Jul-03-2011, 10:07pm
I just got back from their show at the Iron Horse in MA...excellent performances. Jim Hurst really tears it up on guitar. I picked up his CD "A Box Of Chocolates", which is excellent, and features Sam Bush, Wayne Benson, Steve Smith, and even Jim himself all on mandolin.

Samson Grisman is the bass player, and was also part of the opening band The Deadly Gentlemen.

Having seen David's quintet a few times it was refreshing to see him in a trio context...quite different and fresher.


Jul-04-2011, 4:51pm
And Grisman plays guitar, too? But it's missing 2 strings!

Mike Bunting
Jul-05-2011, 3:23am
And Grisman plays guitar, too? But it's missing 2 strings!

But he is a string genius, he can get away with it! I'm looking forward to hearing some of this stuff.