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Jun-03-2011, 7:35am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
Brian Oberlin - Solo Swing

"Solo Swing" is a new project from Brian Oberlin, Music Director of the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra and host and founder of the River of the West Mandolin Camp.


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Jun-03-2011, 9:39am
I coundn't decide whether to post this comment or buy the CD first! This is wonderful jazz mandolin. I have everything Jethro ever recorded, most of Don Stiernberg's albums, Will Patton, Paul Glasse, Grisman with Martin Taylor, etc. This will go on my Jazz Mandolin CD shelf with them - and hold its own. I play jazz mando in the Philadelphia area. This is what I wish I sounded like!

Larry S Sherman
Jun-04-2011, 7:39pm
I'm totally loving this CD. Great singing, but Brian's unaccompanied breaks are both a joy to listen to and a treasure chest of improv ideas just waiting to explore on your own. You can always hear where he is in the changes, even without bass or rhythm instruments. He seamlessly moves between lead and rhythm with taste and style, all in support of the songs.

Great stuff!


Ed Rosney
Jun-05-2011, 5:06pm
I highly recommend this album. An excellent demonstration of the mandolin's versatility, and Brian's performace (singing and playing) is top-notch throughout.

Ed Goist
Jun-05-2011, 11:32pm
Fantastic! What remarkable tone he's getting.
I'm sure his tone comes mostly from his fine technique, but does anyone know what he's playing? Here is a delightful video of one of the songs off of this album...Is that a Collings MF5?


Jun-07-2011, 10:51am
Thank you all for the nice comments on the album. The truth is I went into the studio on a rainy, Portland Tuesday in December, 2010 and tried to record the album. I played for three unsuccessful hours; and it felt like attempting to pry music from a can with no can-opener, knife, or even a rock. It was pitiful, I left the studio dejected. I came back the next day and recorded the entire album within 3 hours and most of the keepers were the first takes. Must have been the shot of espresso. ?

Ed, I play a 2006 Collins MF5V. My only purchase from E-bay.

This album is a double album. The other is the same thing except swinging Christmas tunes. Set for release in October 2011.