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May-29-2011, 5:49pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
An Interview with Thomas A. Adler

Bean Blossom - The Brown County Jamboree and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festivals is the title of a new book released May 15, 2001 by the University of Illinois Press and we were fortunate to interview the author.


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Denny Gies
May-30-2011, 5:36pm
Great article, thanks a bunch.

May-30-2011, 7:59pm
Wow, looks like a great book. I attended the 1st 2-3 festivals and countless Sundays @ the Jamboree barn for the jam sessions & shows. Back then, if you played, you were welcome, and could hang out with everybody. Was friends with the Bray Bros. and it was "The Bluegrass University"!! Lots of great memories from back then!!

Raymond E.
May-31-2011, 8:30am
Ol Tom worked really hard on this project....hope to see him at Beanblossom in a couple of weeks and buy the book. I think this will be my 40th year...would like to do every one of 'em again. Loafer

May-31-2011, 12:57pm
Looking forward to getting a copy and seeing Tom at Bean Blossom this year. Tom is another graduate of the Chicago / Hyde Park Fret Shop Crowd (as was I) back in the late 60's whose alumnai include George Gruhn, Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop (taught guitar there), Paul Butterfield, Fred and ED Holstein (Earl of Old Town, Somebody Elses Troubles and Holstein's; the Folk bars of Chicago in the 70's and 80's), Carmi Simon (now in CA) and anybody else who was into our music back then. Oh yeah and Peter Hayward, rest his soul.

RB250 (Doug Stangle)

Sep-19-2011, 7:52pm
As an upcoming player skill wise, I find interviews like this to be truly inspiring. Thanks so much for posting this it can be a great resource for musicians of all levels.

Mandolin Cafe
May-29-2018, 7:12am
Noting today's anniversary of this interview. The book is an absolute must read in my opinion. Lots of great informational gems in it.

Mandolin Cafe
May-15-2020, 9:19am
Today is the anniversary of the publication of the book Bean Blossom: The Brown County Jamboree and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festivals (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0252078101/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0252078101&linkCode=as2&tag=mandcafe-20&linkId=ce1db9bc00136eda6f64408de17f0d43). Great read for those interested in early bluegrass history.

Mandolin Cafe
May-29-2021, 10:27am
Noting the 10 year anniversary of this feature interview.