View Full Version : Replacement Tuners for Vega Little Wonder

May-25-2011, 8:57am
I have Vega Little Wonder Banjo Mandolin circa 1928 that needs new tuners (somebody already replaced the originals before I got it). Can anyone recommend a replacement (does not need to be vintage)?

Thanks in advance!

May-25-2011, 4:46pm
Stewart MacDonald has Golden Age replacement tuners that will fit the original spacing of your Vega. They are primarily for Gibsons. I put a set on my Style K Vega.

if, when the tuners on yours were replaces, theyholes were plugged and re-drilled, then you can get a similar set with modern spacing. i also have ordered these for my Samick A. Both of these sets of Tuning machines are excellent.

May-27-2011, 9:31am
Thanks for the help!

May-27-2011, 2:34pm
I only wish I had checked my spelling....LOL..