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May-22-2011, 8:32pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
Sleep With One Eye Open - Part II

Part II of Bradley Klein's interview with Chris Thile and Michael Daves celebrating the release of their new recording "Sleep with One Eye Open."


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May-23-2011, 8:22am
Brad, are they filming for NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert"? I hope so. Those are always outstanding.

May-23-2011, 9:59pm
That's my understanding, but I don't know when it will go up on their podcast. Bob Boilen does a great job with those. The David Rawlings and Gillian Welch is a favorite. Such nice sound off that one stereo mic.

John McGann
May-25-2011, 1:31pm
Great job, Bradley, I love getting the tech (or anti-tech) details!

Mandolin Cafe
May-22-2018, 8:29am
Noting the anniversary of the publication of the second part of the interview from this date 2011.

May-22-2018, 9:21am
How touching that the previous message on this thread, from back in 2011 was from the late John McGann. I met John when he was just a wonder-kid playing with a band called Lost in the Shuffle in Boston, back in the '80s. Thanks to his presence on the Cafe, we reconnected a bit, to recall the days they'd rehearse in our apartment. That's when I learned that sitting in the middle with the players in a circle is the best way to listen to a bluegrass quintet.

Following some of the working links below his signature leads me to this video, with John and Matt Glaser and others playing with the wonder-kids of another generation. I don't want to be too heavy handed, but it's right here: Don't Put Off 'Til Tomorrow...


Mandolin Cafe
May-22-2019, 4:20pm
Published this date 2011 by our own Bradley Klein!

May-22-2019, 5:46pm
Time to get those boys back in the studio, eh?

Don Grieser
May-23-2019, 9:30pm
If they record again, I hope they mix it without the distortion. It was exciting at first listen, but now it's not pleasant to listen to for me.