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Feb-16-2004, 8:54pm
I had a cool experience this weekend. I live and work as a cook in a lodge at the base of Mt Cardigan in NH. This weekend a little girl who played fiddle was staying. The assistant manager heard her practicing upstairs and brought her down and said that we should play together. So I got out my guitar and we played for about three hours a day til her family left, about two days. She was probably in middle school and was quitting classical violin to play more fiddle style. She hadnt really played bluegrass though. She just played whatever she could along with whatever I played. We played some Garcia Grisman, Beatles, Dead, The Band, Dylan, Old and in the Way... She got really excited over the bluegrass stuff. She said she was going to look into it a lot more after she left. I gave her a copy of Shady Grove since we had played about half the songs on that album. She was very very good at improving along especially for her age and having never really played bluegrassy stuff before. I only hope that she goes out in the world and learns to play a mean fiddle. She was really into music, and was damn good at it.