View Full Version : Flatiron Scout Mandola FS

steve V. johnson
Nov-06-2004, 3:42pm
I've listed a Flatiron Scout Mandola for sale here. It belongs to a good friend, but it's been staying with me for a while now. Neither of us really play it enough, so it ought to find a new home, where it will get more play time.

It looks like the old "Army-Navy" style and has no appreciable fret or fingerboard wear and some small dings on the edges.

It sounds really rich and feels great to play.



Nov-06-2004, 6:07pm
What happened to the Touchstone??


steve V. johnson
Nov-07-2004, 3:46pm
Hi A-Steve,

It's still here, not getting a lot of play time, and in fact, I just posted it on the Cafe Classifieds as well...

Your pal, off to a new home, eh? <GG>

I hope these two don't have to go to eBay...

We're selling off and saving up for a self-catering house south of the Shannon somewhere, for a while...



Nov-07-2004, 5:07pm
Hey Sliabhy

South of the Shannon? I think I'm there! Are you going inland? ;) I don't know if I'm inland or not! (private joke)