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May-09-2011, 8:51pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Sleep with One Eye Open - Part I

Bradley Klein interviews Chris Thile and Michael Daves for the first of a two-part feature interview on the eve of the release of their new recording "Sleep with One Eye Open."


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Michael Lewis
May-12-2011, 1:35am
Good article. More depth to the background than I would have expected. This music and energy is exciting, and I hope to hear more of it, as in another record (CD). It would be great to see Chris and Michael at Strawberry Music festival!!!! (Hint)

May-12-2011, 10:22am
Great article. Well done. Talking about music can often stray into meaningless fan boy yakking. Not this time.

May-22-2011, 1:37pm
Thanks, Jeff. I AM a fan boy at heart, so I have to work to tone it down. They're interesting guys, though, with lot's to say, so that helps.

Jan-03-2012, 8:59pm
I watched some vidoes of this duo last night and they are very fun to watch and listen to.

Mandolin Cafe
May-09-2018, 12:24pm
Noting the anniversary of this interview!

May-09-2018, 1:54pm
The boys haven't had time to play a lot of gigs together recently - what with Thile crazy busy with the new radio show, and Daves staying close to home in Brooklyn. But they did have a show a few months back in Brooklyn. Loose, but super fun. And I shot video and recorded audio for Daves, so I imagine that we'll eventually release a couple from that show.

Perhaps they have some shows together this Summer?

Edit: Also, it's been so long since I've read this one. I've forgotten a lot myself. Like having Thile make me a cocktail before we started. Watching him use an ice pick inches from his left hand is a moment I won't forget. And this explanation where Thile addressed the 'why' of this duo:

He says that playing some of those traditional songs had started to feel insincere to him. Like that's not really who he is right now. "I'm from Southern California and grew up idolizing Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck, Tim O'Brien. But when the two of us played these bluegrass standards it gave all that music back to me. It no longer felt like I was playing a part. It's a legitimate expression of the musician that I am, when I'm playing with him."

Mandolin Cafe
May-09-2019, 8:54am
Noting the anniversary of this fine article by Bradley Klein!