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Feb-16-2004, 8:29pm
I just recently purchased Laurel #3 built by Mike Blohm of Montana. #I originally had bought #6 and sold it and it came to be the mandolin that I should have never let get away. #I had only hoped that #3 would be half the mando that #6 was, I was not disappointed, #3 is an absolute cannon, the most responsive mandolin I ever put a pick to. #Mike just absolutely amazes me, for a mandolin to sound like this at only a 3rd attempt is just incredible. #The pictures definitely do not do it justice.

Feb-16-2004, 8:35pm
Backside Laurel #3

Coy Wylie
Feb-16-2004, 9:18pm
Congradulations! I'm glad it found a good home. I was interested in buying this one out of the classified but was too late on the draw.

Feb-16-2004, 10:07pm
Thanks Willard, its because of having had #6 that I jumped on it so quick. Mike will have a new batch ready to sell at Greg Boyds maybe sometime around June but that is not a definite date. From talking to mIke his new ones will be in the neighborhood of $3200 which is a real deal for the quality of mando that he produces.

Feb-17-2004, 10:35am
How about a close-up of the headstock. Looks very classy!

Feb-17-2004, 1:29pm
OK heres the headstock.

Feb-18-2004, 11:41am
Great looking Mando! I had also contacted the seller about buying this one but you had already moved on it. Perhaps just as well. It would have been difficult explaining to my wife why another Mandolin was showing up at home!

Very nice Quilted Maple on the back. It's hard to believe that this was Mike's #3. His building skills are most evident. I visited with Greg Boyd about Mike and his work. He had some nice things to say. I also had visited with Mike back in June? as another one of his Mandolins being sold. Mike is building part time but with work like this, he may be giving thoughts to quitting his day job #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

HOw does the neck feel? Is it V shaped?

Feb-18-2004, 12:07pm
The neck feels great, it is a super easy mando to play. The shape is what I would call a rounded V shape, not a sharp V but a rounded V. The frets are the small frets but it frets very easily, I could not be more happy with the whole mando.

Feb-27-2004, 12:35am
I've got #"The Laurel" #7. I played 6&7 at The Darrington, Wa. Bluegrass festival last summer and I couldn't tell the difference in the sound. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.
# # # # # # H. Bruun

Feb-27-2004, 1:16am
"I'm goin' down to Laurel, it's a dirty stinkin' town y'all,
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And love's a funny state of mind..."

Name that singer/songwriter

Feb-27-2004, 1:17am
Oh, and what I meant to say: What a sweet looking mando! I don't want to play it, I just want to rub up against it. Actually, after I rub up against it I do want to play it...

Feb-27-2004, 1:50am
I was hoping when I bought #3 that it would be as good as #6 but I can honestly say that it has surpassed #6 in sound, of coarse it is older and has been played more but my gosh this thing is a monster. I have never had a mando this loud and responsive with such deep deep tones on the lower end which surprises me because it has a sitka top which is supose to be a brighter tone. I would like to say that I will never get rid of this one but with 2 daughters in college it is a constant battle trying to keep the funds together. I am sure going to try though. I have tried many mandos over the last couple years and usually have always seemed to go back to owning a Cole, Ron makes awesome sounding mandos but this Laurel #3 is a very special sounding mando. A fellow played it 2 days ago and he stated that he thought it had a slight Gilchrist sound to it, in my opinion it has a $5000 mandolin sound.

Feb-28-2004, 9:47pm
Well so much for my dream mando, more college bills came in the mail today. I just listed it in the cafe, its going to make someone very happy, just wish it was me.

Feb-28-2004, 10:32pm
mikeo -

Steve Forbert (last seen as the "boyfriend" in Cyndi Lauper's GJWHF video)

Feb-28-2004, 11:58pm

Charlie Ayers
Mar-02-2004, 1:03am
What can you all tell me about the builder? And the tone of the instruments?