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Willie Poole
May-02-2011, 6:16pm
Some of you will not enjoy this because it doesn`t have any mandolin content...BUT....On The Cumberland Highlanders show this morning towards the end of the show there was a banjo player playing a "Right handed" banjo and he was playing left handed, the fifth string tuner was on the bottom....His name is Kenny Price from east Tennessee and as a kid he learned to play it that way because that is all there was, no left handed banjos around then....

The show will be re shown a few more times this week, at 12:30 tonight ( Tuesday Morning) so if you get a chance tune in a watch, he does a pretty fair job....


Bernie Daniel
May-03-2011, 4:24pm
Do you watch the Cumberland Highlanders on RFD TV? I think I saw the show this week and did not see that. The CHS is a great one and I try to watch it every week. We keep trying to arrange to go to the Jerusalem Ridge festival -- maybe we'll make it this year. I wish there were more motor home hookups in the area.

Willie Poole
May-03-2011, 7:10pm
Bernie, I was just scanning through channels yesterday when I seen it and just thought it would be the same show that was shown at 12:30 EDT but I didn`t watch that late show because i figured it was the same one repeated....

I get it on RFD-TV (Dish Network)


Bernie Daniel
May-05-2011, 7:08am
OK cool. We have RFD on Direct - it might be a different sequence of shows. Anyway I really like those guys. I wonder if Doc Mercer still does any horse work? His day job used to be large animal veterinarian! :) I wish his wife would get back into singing more again.

May-05-2011, 7:54am
The young mandolin picker from The Bluegrass Brothers plays a standard F-5 lefty - upside down, inside out, roundabout. Burns it, too.

May-05-2011, 8:48am
The young mandolin picker from The Bluegrass Brothers plays a standard F-5 lefty - upside down, inside out, roundabout. Burns it, too.

Yep that Donald Dowdy sure can pick an upside down mandolin.


Bernie Daniel
May-08-2011, 7:24am
Willie, Direct TV must be one week behind Dish on the Highlanders series!

I saw episode with Kenny Price last night. Its amazing how he had to figure out a whole new chord pattern and then figure out how to play his right hand over the fifth tuner peg! Think if the natural musical talent that man must have. Also, it was nice to see the young kid Correy close up. I have not been able to find out much about him but his personality kind of reminds me of a more subdued Jimmy Martin (did you see the Jimmy Martin signature on his guitar?) also he is a heck of a picker. And he can pick the strings off a mandolin if you let him near one too.

My favorite part of the show was the Joe Issacs and the story he told about his interactions with Bill Monroe. I wonder if Joe ever preforms with his kids who are pretty famous in the own right now? He is a wonderful singer and those duets with Stacy York are so outstanding -- they don't call her the Kentucky songbird for nothin!!!

Willie Poole
May-08-2011, 12:11pm
Bernie, that young man Corey can play anything with strings, maybe not a fiddle, and he has his own band called The Watuga (sp) Mountain Boys, he is playing some festivals on the east coast....

I don`t think Joe is performing much with his family any more, could be wrong on that but I have seen some of the family at shows and they give him credit for starting The Issacs but never talk too much about him other than that...Maybe you could google them and see...

That show is played early in the week in the mornings and thats when I seen it and it was the same show last night, tune in tomorrow night at 12:30 and it should be different.....Stacey has her moments when she is right on and a great harmony singer but sometimes when she is singing with someone other than Joe it just doesn`t sound right, could be the lead singer, some people tend to drop off when a tenor singer joins in, it took me a long time to sing with someone else, I used to slide up to their part from listening to them....