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May-01-2011, 5:37pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley - The Morning Star

The Morning Star is a new all mandolin-family recording of Irish music by the Bay Area's Marla Fibish and Ireland's prominent instrumentalist and vocalist Jimmy Crowley.


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Jill McAuley
May-01-2011, 6:27pm
I've raved about this recording in the "Celtic etc etc..." but I'll do it again here - get this if you don't have it already! I think the word "gem" was used to refer to it on the homepage and that's about hit the nail on the head for me. Lovely stuff altogether!


May-02-2011, 9:16pm
I provided sound for their performance at the 5th Avenue Taproom here in Tallahassee. They were both marvelous performers. Jimmy is a storyteller and a sensitive songwriter, and Marla is the bomb(shell) on mando. I got to hang out a bit afterwards with them, and Marla allowed me to play her father's mando. It was absolutely wonderful, and the CD is so fine. Highly recommended!

Loretta Callahan
May-16-2011, 6:49pm
When I first heard "Three Mile Stone", my ears literally jumped for joy! "The Morning Star" CD is another great mile stone for this very talented bunch. Marla has become one of my favorite mandolin players .... ever. If you love Celtic music, you'll love Marla Fibish and Jimmy Crowley.

May-17-2011, 7:58am
The production work on both recordings is equally excellent. Marla either has the BEST sounding A2 I've ever heard, or the production was just right, or both. This should be requisite listening to all those A model nay sayers out there.

Especially on "Morning Star" where things could get a bit tedious with all double-strung instruments, the arrangements are inventive and the choice of material is first rate. I have cetainly enjoyed featuring both discs on my Celtic radio show.

May-18-2011, 5:35pm
Marla and two other great players (Dave Cory and Lewis Santer) will be playing next Tuesday (May 24) at Julie's Tea Garden in Alameda CA from 7-9 PM. Come on down. See the "Great Upcoming Irish Show" thread under the "Celtic" category.

May-18-2011, 5:39pm
Zookster -- the recording was done at Jim Nunnaly's studio in Crockett, CA. Jim is an excelent guitarist who plays with John Reischman and the Jaybirds and in the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, among other bands. He won a Grammy for his engineering/producing work on a tribute album of Bill Monroe's music ("True Life Blues").

Loretta Callahan
May-28-2011, 7:24pm
Just got my "Morning Star" CD. It's remarkable! Every tune is wonderful.

Jun-01-2011, 2:44pm
It's a great album. I like this even better than Three Mile Stone. From the impressive to the beautiful, it's all there.

Jun-02-2011, 3:58pm
Thank you all for the lovely comments on the CD - I am very gratified!!
I must comment to zookster that my instrument is an A, not an A2. It is a gorgeous sounding instrument, and Jim Nunally's great work in the studio captures a very true rendering of its sound....at least the way i hear it in my mind's ear. He is a man to be trusted with mandolins, and many greats do, as Ed calls out in his post!

Kay Kirkpatrick
Jun-05-2011, 9:59am
A big thanks to Marla,Jimmy, and Jim N for sharing their vision and skill with us on this fabulous CD. I feel quite lucky to get to study with Marla in Portal. Can't wait.