View Full Version : MAS Sufferer (age 55) meets vintage Strad-O-Lin (age unknown)

Apr-30-2011, 1:44pm
I've posted a group of photos of my sweetheart of a Strad-O-Lin. I think from some of the catalog pages I've seen here it is an 'Artist' Model from somewhere around 1940...but I am hardly an expert.

History:A few years back, we were headed to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and I was looking for a 'new' mando. We spent a week at a great little summer cottage B&B on the Hudson and drove all around using music stores as an excuse to explore. We went to Saratoga Springs and visited several more places and played a lot of new mandolins and was leaning toward a Tacoma model around $600-700 we had seen when we hit the last place in Albany that had this little gem shining out among a heap of dreadfully cheesy instruments. I really loved the wider fretboard (my other mandolin is a 1923 'Snakehead' A. pics to come, it is having its bridge repaired) and as I was plinking out a little tune on it, my wife was amazed to hear it so clearly at the other end of the shop. She again proved to be the perfect wife and asked "Why don't you buy it?" I paid about $700 for it. My luthier suggested I try lighter strings and he made some minor adjustments to set it up for them and it is even better! It is a delight to play and is in great shape. I am going to have a look inside with mirror and flashlight and see what I can find...


Apr-30-2011, 7:05pm
And the answer? Well-armed with the likely location of the stamp, I peeked inside once again with the aid of a powerful LED flashlight ('torch' for those east of the pond) and read two stamps, one extremely clear, both reading "JAN 17 1936"

Mystery solved.

Bruce Clausen
May-01-2011, 3:56pm
That is a really fantastic instrument you have there, sl8. Top of the line Strad in superb condition. And at that price a great alternative to all the *dreadfully cheesy* instruments music stores seem to be full of. Congratulations!

They can sound amazingly good. At some point I hope you'll post some sort of sound clip.

By the way I usually have GHS silk and bronze on mine, but with lighter A strings. Works well for me.

May-01-2011, 8:34pm
I just checked out the pics, wow thats the nicest strad I've ever seen, and a great case too. I love those old strads.
Enjoy it!

May-01-2011, 9:38pm
It looks like an Artist model. Thanks for posting the pictures to the Strad-O-Lin Social Group.