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Apr-25-2011, 2:19pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Raffaele Calace: 10 Preludes for Solo Mandolin

Italy's Fabio Gallucci and Rev. Vincent Beer-Demander have collaborated to publish Raffaele Calace: 10 Preludes for Solo Mandolin, to be available in May through the Canadian web site Les Productions d'OZ.


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Nick Royal
Apr-26-2011, 1:33pm
Does anyone know the level of mandolin playing needed for these preludes?
Thank you,
Nick Royal
Santa Cruz, CA

Jim Garber
Apr-26-2011, 2:18pm
Upper level... most are virtuoso show pieces.

Here is #1:


(no direct embed links allowed I guess on these feed threads)

Mark Levesque
Apr-26-2011, 3:10pm
Here's # 10 by Katsia Prakopchyk :


Alex Timmerman
Apr-26-2011, 3:13pm
Or view (closely) and listen to Raffaele Calace's 2nd Prelude performed by Sebastiaan de Grebber:


Best greetings,

Alex Timmerman.

Jim Garber
Apr-26-2011, 3:15pm
Easy stuff.... right?

Apr-26-2011, 11:30pm
For the most part the Calace preludes are very difficult. They are, however, worth the effort (unlike, in my opinion, much mandolin music of the same period).

I have a copy of the new edition on order. It looks excellent, from the sample on the website. There is another modern edition by Ugo Orlandi, but only of some of the preludes (it is available from www.trekel.de).

Apr-27-2011, 9:06am
Hello to everybody,
About previously questions, our Calace Preludes published with D'Oz, It's an original version of these pieces.
With fingers, dynamics etc. Written by Raffaele Calace.
We've only fixed some mistakes in the original scores..

Thank you for your interest
Have Nice Time

Jim Garber
Apr-27-2011, 9:18am
If you want to see a sample you can download one page at http://www.productionsdoz.com/doz/DZ%201525.pdf