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Apr-24-2011, 6:01pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
10 Questions for Will Patton

Ted Eschliman catches up with Vermont based jazz and swing mandolinist Will Patton for another Mandolin Cafe exclusive interview.


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Larry S Sherman
Apr-24-2011, 7:43pm
Thanks Ted, and it's great to hear from Will! I wish it was 200 questions.

I remember sitting with Ted at Rigelfest some years ago watching Will play with his ensemble, and later Ted pointed out that Will seemed to be playing with mostly downstrokes for fuller tone (when possible), which I think surprised even Will. But it's techniques like that that give such a great tone to jazz mando players like Will and Don Julin.

I can't wait for the new CD, and hope to see Will again sometime soon. He's terrific live (as is Anna too!).


John Soper
Apr-24-2011, 8:13pm
Awaiting the new CD! Great profile, Ted. WP plays "under the radar screen" great music... love it!

j. condino
Apr-24-2011, 9:25pm
A+ Ted; thanx.


Don Julin
Apr-24-2011, 9:37pm
Will, sounding great as ever! We need to figure out how to be in the same room at the same time again. It has been too long.

David Surette
Apr-24-2011, 9:47pm
What a great interview, and really nice pics, too. Will has been on the staff of our last couple of March Mandolin Festivals, and I have become a huge fan. He's also a really first-rate guy. Be sure to check out his CDs; I am looking forward to the new one myself!

Apr-25-2011, 2:26am
What a nice interview, w great clips and pics. A real pleasure!

John McGann
Apr-25-2011, 5:59am
Excellent stuff from a great musician and fine fellow!

Salmon Falls Strings
Apr-25-2011, 8:09am
I have seen Will at the March Mandolin Festival concert for the last couple of years and have been blown away each time. He is also a down to earth guy, we had a nice conversation about his National tenor. Can't wait for the new CD.

Apr-25-2011, 9:20am
One of my favorite mandolinists, period. A great interview, Will!

Apr-25-2011, 9:40am
Thanks, Ted, for a great interview. Thanks to Will for some great music.

I have been a fan for awhile and think I discovered Will through Mandolin Cafe. He inspired me to try more jazz standards on mandolin.

Apr-25-2011, 9:46am
It was very cool seeing you in the SF Bay Area last July Will.......come on back!

Rickey Noel Mitchell
Apr-26-2011, 8:31am
Mr. Patton the music that comes from you gibson A is excellent. One of your CD's will be my next one. All right it's been driving me nuts. What does MAS syndrome mean?

Apr-26-2011, 8:34am
Mandolin Acquisition Syndrome

Too late now. You have been exposed.

Rickey Noel Mitchell
Apr-26-2011, 9:14am
Mandolin Acquisition Syndrome

Too late now. You have been exposed.
Well of course that's what means. Thanks pickloser. Every time I start feeling MAS I write more music.

Apr-29-2011, 8:21am
I saw and listened to Will the first time this early March at Dave Surette's Mando Fest in Concord, NH. I took my 80 year old mom to the Saturday Night Concert. She grew-up in the swing era and she just LOVED Will's playing (as did I). As she said of Will's playing, "I like that muisc." High praise from the discriminating critic my mom is.
I got his String Theory CD and often play it while cleaning the house Ė its great sounds keeps you inspired to keep moving doing a job thatís a pain. There you go Will, just what you want, an endorsement for bebop and swing music to clean by : -) . Looking forward to more CDís!

Oh!, and I forgot to add, great interview, loved it-thanks!

May-01-2011, 8:03pm

I only wish the article had mentioned what a great teacher you are, too. I look forward to the new CD. I wish you'd come down and play in Easthampton MA again -- or stop in at the Black Sheep.

Terry Nagel

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-24-2018, 7:18am
Noting the anniversary of this interview put together by Ted Eschliman published in 2011.

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-24-2019, 7:56am
Noting the anniversary of this interview with a great jazz mandolin player.