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Apr-18-2011, 4:10pm
I am looking to locate a tailpiece like the one in the photo below. Could someone tell me what this style is called or the location of one that is currently for sale? Thanks in advance.


Ed Goist
Apr-18-2011, 4:29pm
It's usually called a "two piece cloud" or "two piece clam shell tailpiece".
These are two piece tailpieces. Here is a good photo of the two individual pieces:


And what they look like with the cover slid on, but not mounted on the mandolin:


These appear on ebay about weekly, but they surprisingly go for as much as $30.

I was recently looking for one of these for a vintage bowlback I recently purchased.

However, I instead went with a one-piece German kidney-shaped tailpiece (http://www.mandolinluthier.com/mandolin_tailpieces.htm) purchased from Dave Hynds in France for about $17. I am very glad I did (NFI). I love the look of the kidney-shaped tailpiece!

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Apr-18-2011, 4:30pm
Waverly cloud cover tailpiece. Good luck, they don't make them anymore.

I would buy one at 30, but the ones I've seen lately go for $50 for the plain. Last couple of engraved ones I saw went at $90 on Ebay. Seems high, but if that's what people are willing to pay, then that's what they will cost.

Apr-18-2011, 4:32pm
Thank you very much for the quick, detailed replies. I have checked eBay, but have not no luck thus far. I'll just have to be patient.

Ed Goist
Apr-18-2011, 4:36pm
Hi Slingerland:
Here is the most recent posting of one of these on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-mandolin-tailpiece-/250788359535). Went for $51.

Apr-18-2011, 4:38pm
Thanks, Ed.

Apr-18-2011, 5:28pm
If you're buying Waverly tailpieces for $30.00 you're doing OK. The going rate has been $75.00 plus. I won't sell any I have for any less than that. I hoard them.

barney 59
Apr-19-2011, 2:51pm
Waverly Cloud tailpieces were used on a great many mandolins and some real dogs that sometimes sell on ebay for not much money. So if you spend some time searching near worthless mandolins and are only interested in the tail piece you'll find one by and by.

Ed Goist
Apr-19-2011, 8:30pm
Here we go (http://cgi.ebay.com/MANDOLIN-TAILPIECE-1950S-FITS-GIBSON-A-50-KAY-MARTIN-/160575863703?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2563113b97). Starting at $30. Not in the greatest shape I've seen...How high will it go? NFI.

Apr-21-2011, 1:41pm
lots of lost covers out there, somehow people didn't put them back on
after string changes.. then the cover gets lost..

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Apr-21-2011, 10:47pm
They were used on Kay and Harmony mandolins right up through the 60's. Grab a dog model of either that has the cover and you have a tailpiece and something else to sell. Martin used them, Strad-O-Lin used them, and Gibson used them on some models as well.

Apr-21-2011, 10:48pm

Apr-22-2011, 7:45am
I have this tailpiece on my 1925 Gibson Ajr. .....