View Full Version : New Del McCoury album next week!!

Apr-06-2011, 4:41pm
I saw on McCoury Music's website that you can now preview the entire new album, from Del McCoury Band and Preservation Jazz Hall Band, American Legacies!

You get a free song download too.

If you're interested in it go to this link!


What do you guys think of it??

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-07-2011, 4:34am
I like Bluegrass & i like Jazz,but not together. Having said that,some folks will go for it & i sincerely hope that it sells well,& thanks for the 'heads up',

Apr-07-2011, 10:48am
What do you guys think of it??

I think it is the only Del release in many years (in fact, ever) that I won't be buying.

Apr-08-2011, 1:01pm
Haters gonna hate...

I think it sounds great, thanks for sharing the link!

Apr-10-2011, 1:54pm
I've always thought that the differences between bluegrass, blues, dixieland and country music were finer than frog fuzz. They have more in common than most people think. Having said that I think I'll be one of the folks that buys and enjoys this recording. I like it when folks blur the boundries.

Jim Ferguson
Apr-10-2011, 2:16pm
I just went through quite a few of the tunes........great stuff. I agree with some other comments.......not really my cup of tea but I am a big Del McCoury Band fan and so for that reason alone I would take a chance on the album......way to go Del for daring to do something a bit different than the same old same old.