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Apr-03-2011, 7:57pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
10 Questions for Dagger Gordon

Dan Beimborn interviews one of Scotland's most notable mandolin players, David "Dagger" Gordon.


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Jill McAuley
Apr-03-2011, 8:42pm
Really looking forward to Dagger's new recording with son Colin and great to get a wee taster of it via the mp3 that accompanied the interview - great stuff altogether!


David Surette
Apr-03-2011, 8:46pm
What a great interview. Dagger's a first-rate guy as well as a great player, and nice to see a photo of the happy couple, too. Well-done all around!

Apr-03-2011, 8:53pm
Enjoyed the interview and music. As great as it would be to hear Dagger live here in the States, it would be even better to take a vacation to Scotland and hear him live. For now I am working through his latest book and learning a lot.

George R. Lane
Apr-03-2011, 10:50pm
I am sorry to say this is the first I have heard of Dagger. I can understand his lifestyle getting int rh way of his music. I have a small farm and raise horses. I enjoyed the videos and I will have to search You Tube.

Ron McMillan
Apr-03-2011, 11:47pm
I too will add Dagger's Scottish music book to my list of things to pick up next time I'm in Scotland, which should be fairly soon.


Paul Cowham
Apr-04-2011, 4:38am
I went to the feis in Fort Augustus in February, and it was a real pleasure to meet Dagger and learn about his approach to music/mandolin playing. I have to say that as well as the mandolin instruction, Dagger was quite the raconteur, his storys mostly about highland culture which really added to the whole experience.

At the end of the feis, Dagger kindly dropped me at Inverness train station and I heard a sneak preview of the forthcoming recording (which was sounding very nice).

Dagger, you're a top man and I hope to run into you again.
all the best,

Randi Gormley
Apr-04-2011, 9:19am
Wonderful interview. Thanks so much! and the MP3s are really wonderful.

Apr-04-2011, 11:19am
A top Jock - get his cds they are excellent!

Jesse Harmon
Apr-04-2011, 7:32pm
Just picked the book up from Elderly today. Enjoyed reading the interview. It brought back our visit to the Highlands a few years ago.

Dave Hanson
Apr-05-2011, 12:28am
Dagger has been around a long time, I have a long playing record from 1985 called ' Dancing Hazards ' by the band Black Donald, featuring a very young looking Dagger playing superb mandolin, cittern, tenor banjo and tin whistle.

Dave H

Tosh Marshall
Apr-05-2011, 12:59am
The book is great and the CD's are great, look forward to the new one.....

Apr-05-2011, 3:28pm
Hi Dagger, just so's you know, I've posted a link to this, over on the Mandolin group of The Irish Tenor Banjo site:


Scott Tichenor
Apr-06-2011, 6:43am
The folks at Elderly tell me they've sold out of Dagger's book but that more are on order and should arrive by May 3. I think it'll likely be sooner than that. ScotlandMusic.com also has them in stock. I've ordered from them before and it worked just fine. :)

Dagger Gordon
Apr-07-2011, 3:36pm
Thanks a lot for all the kind comments everybody. It was a real privilege to do the interview.



Toby Bear
Apr-25-2011, 4:31pm
Och! Ta play just a fifth that good would amaze me!
Enjoyed reading the interview. I'll probably get all his books and tutorials!

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-03-2018, 6:48am
Noting the anniversary of this fine interview published this date 2011.

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-03-2019, 7:03am
Noting the anniversary of this fine interview put together for us by Dan Beimborn!