View Full Version : Get Low

Scotti Adams
Apr-03-2011, 7:38am
Watched a great movie last night called Get Low. Had Robert Duvall in it. The music that was played throughout was AKUS...Flux played a big role in the sound track.

Apr-04-2011, 2:24am
I saw this too. Very interesting movie, based on a true story, I think. Great cast and a very good script make this worth seeing. Somehow I don't recall the music; paying too much attention to the story or something, I guess. Happens sometimes. Like in "Cold Mountain." With all the chatter a while back about this I had to go take another look - the music had gone right past me before. Not so with "O Brother," but then music was more central to the story. Also the siren scene with the song by AK, ELH, and GW was memorable - to say the least. While I'm meandering here, I definitely noticed the music in "Fantastic Mr. Fox," which featured a lot of bluegrass/country mandolin by the late great classical player Alison Stephens.

Apr-04-2011, 2:35am
Yes, the AK song at the end "Lay My Burden Down" was excellent!