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Apr-01-2011, 7:01am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
The Collings Fretless Bass Mandolin

Collings Guitars and Mandolins has announced the addition of a new member to their mandolin family of instruments, the Collings Fretless Bass Mandolin (Model BMF) with the prototype to be on display at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tenn., July 21-23, 2011.


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Apr-01-2011, 7:28am
If it weren't April 1st, my hopes would be up....dang, a fretless mandolin, can you conceive how fun that would be?

Apr-01-2011, 8:08am
Fretless _BASS_ mandolin. Thrummy!

Tom C
Apr-01-2011, 8:19am
Why give it up so early? Should have let it go longer.

Matt DeBlass
Apr-01-2011, 8:20am
"and we really wanted it to look like a big mandolin" it sure would be one BMF

Payit Forward
Apr-01-2011, 8:35am
When is Collings going to start building banjos?

That's all that would be needed now to have an all Collings band. Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Banjo. How cool would that be?


David Miller
Apr-01-2011, 9:05am
I would have thought that a 'cello would have been next up, but still, the idea of having a modern company making mandobasses is pretty cool!

Apr-01-2011, 9:10am
I now think I know what BMF means.... :O

Mike Bromley
Apr-01-2011, 9:59am
TeeHee...nut width? 5 inches? What a HOSS!

Andrew DeMarco
Apr-01-2011, 10:04am
Hilariously, if you search for Fretless mandolin in google today (hey, I was curious!) the new Collings BFM comes up as big news, even before bona fide search results!:)70460

Apr-01-2011, 10:29am
Well he got me, even if I was half asleep when i read it. I was thinking "when did we make a soft case for Collings?"

Apr-01-2011, 12:48pm
Weber might beat them to market on this one

Right after I win the Weber Sweepstakes,,,,,,,,


John Flynn
Apr-01-2011, 12:58pm
Were this real, it would be perfect application for a poster I did a while ago:


Con Dowd
Apr-01-2011, 3:39pm
I had my eye out for something like this today. But you would have to go pretty far to top your effort of last year (the Cabbella/ Mad collaboration). Pretty funny though. Looking forward to next year. Corny

Dave Greenspoon
Apr-01-2011, 3:49pm
I was expecting to see either a Schyrtler-thru-the-tailpin pickup or even some on-board Fishman active electronics--with perhaps auto-tuners--on this. Instead, the constraint makes it even more well done.

John Flynn
Apr-01-2011, 4:07pm
It would be great to get a candid answer from the Collings folks to see if anyone called and tried to pre-order one!

Apr-01-2011, 4:24pm
Wait, so the Thile doing Old Time thing was true?

Apr-01-2011, 6:28pm
I now think I know what BMF means.... :O

"Bass Mandolin Fretless" ; easy!

John Flynn
Apr-01-2011, 8:27pm
"Wait, so the Thile doing Old Time thing was true?" - delsbrother

Now, that's funny!

John Flynn
Apr-01-2011, 8:33pm
BTW, I have to opine that the "NewsFetcher: I just fetch news" thing is now busted! I've long thought that thing was rigged. This proves it!

Apr-01-2011, 9:09pm
i seriously once called and asked weber about building me an upright bass mandolin...they said the guys in the shop were wanting to but it would be strictly a cash up front deal...

Bob Knysz
Apr-03-2011, 10:00am
Does anyone know the Over All Dimensions if the BMF?
Is it meant to be played with a plectrum?
Does it have an End Pin and Side Pin like the old Gibson Mando Basses?

Apr-02-2013, 8:37pm
Now that's sweet!!! I'd love to own this bass.

Jim Garber
Apr-03-2013, 8:11pm
Now that's sweet!!! I'd love to own this bass.

You realize that this was an April fools day posting from 2011? I suppose you could contact Collings Custom shop it you were truly interested...