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Mar-30-2011, 1:57pm
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Joe Walsh - Sweet Loam

Sweet Loam is the second solo record from mandolinist Joe Walsh and a follow-up to his 2008 project Saturday Night Waltz.


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Mar-31-2011, 8:46am
A BIG five stars from me on this recording! If you like mandolin music you will not be disappointed. There is a wide variety of musical styles on this recording and all of the songs are done with incredible taste. What was a surprise for me is that Joe is a pretty good singer too. I guess spending all that time with Gibson Brothers is rubbing off on him. :)

Apr-02-2011, 2:47pm
Just bought this and it's rapidly becoming one of my favourite mandolin albums. Really well recorded, tasteful never showy arrangements, and thoughtful writing. What more can you ask for?

Man of Wax
Apr-03-2011, 2:13pm
This whole album is wonderful. I love Joe's ear for space. His music breathes to an extent that mandolin playing, even really good mandolin playing, rarely does.

As good as the whole package is, though, "Emily's Welcome to Portland" manages to stand out anyway. It is one of the best nerdgrass tunes ever written. It just builds and builds. I'm going to wear out the grooves on this MP3.

Apr-04-2011, 8:57am
Beautiful music from Duluth MN native J Walsh. Love it and his LaPlante Mandolin.

Apr-13-2011, 2:37pm
Joe just sent me this album, and I'm floored by it...It's neither over produced nor under produced...it hits that perfect sweet spot in the middle. It's not full of flash and fire, but rather *really* good tunes and arrangements. All around, one of my favorite new recordings in a long time. Good work Joe!

-Darren Weiss

May-28-2011, 8:19pm
Great album. We've listened to it online a lot through Joe's Bandcamp page, but tonight, we finally decided that we might as well buy it! A lot of really pretty tunes on this one, and as Darren says above, Joe hits the sweet spot with good arrangements and happy harmonies. Great any-time music.

John McGann
May-28-2011, 9:20pm
Brilliant album from a wonderful player!