View Full Version : Tony Rice and John Carlini - River Suite For Two Guitars

Mar-30-2011, 7:08am
Have this one in rotation. One word: Terrific! Just the two of them, doing familiar and un-familiar tunes. They do Fish Scale, Nardis, Devlin from the olden days, plus some tunes they either made up for this or just jam on. Tony's rhythm has some very cool things in it, like on the opening tune Bannister (something). He just works a pick like nobody else. And it's very plain to hear their styles.

Mar-30-2011, 7:20am
It is a favorite album of mine, it rides the line between a couple styles - and does it perfectly.

It's a great album to know, as there's a time and place where it's ultimate soundtrack.

Mar-31-2011, 3:39am
Itīs an interesting recording from an interesting period of Tony Riceīs life. I like the "living room aproach to recording" in this CD (as stated in the Rice biography). I like "Send In The Clowns" best on the record. On the other hand, the record is pretty far out and like "Abstractions" by Grisman probably not recomended for daily use.

Mar-31-2011, 5:31am
I took lessons from john a while ago, he's a great guy and simply a monster guitarist and musician. Its no wonder guys like Rice and Dawg listened to him way back when they were getting together. John is terrific.

Apr-01-2011, 4:22am
I don't think it's far out at all. The tunes are solid, very few (if any) fluffs and many are recognizable. Frankly, the more I listen, the more I like. Can't be Swingin' That 9 Lb. Hammer All Day, after all...:mandosmiley: