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Mar-29-2011, 8:45am
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Yank Rachell - Blues Mandolin Man

Blind Pig Records has reissued a series of tracks recorded by legendary blues mandolinist Yank Rachell in 1986 on a new collection entitled Blues Mandolin Man.


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Mike Bromley
Mar-29-2011, 9:12am
Kew-well! The tribute album recorded by the likes of Grisman & O'Brien was the appetizer. Now for the main course.

Mar-29-2011, 1:52pm
Thanks for the update! I bought it and I like it!

Mar-29-2011, 7:35pm
Ordered right after I checked the Cafe home page today, from Elderly. Already have a few Yank gems, but really looking forward to this one!

Ronny Stecher
Apr-02-2011, 11:14pm

Aug-23-2011, 1:33pm
I've been listening to this almost nonstop since I got it. Can't get enough.

Can anybody tell me what Yank's playing to produce the sound on this album? Is it just an electric resonator mandolin?

Aug-23-2011, 2:30pm
I would assume Yank played his Harmony batwing electric on these sessions.

Aug-23-2011, 3:22pm
About 25 years ago. I saw Yank Rachell at a folk festival, where he was taking part in a "mandolin-style summit" of sorts. There was Jethro Burns, and a few bluegrass players, all being backed up by a guitarist and a young bass player, whom I didn't know.

One by one, they ran through a favourite number, some solo, some being backed by the guitarist and bassist. When it came Yank's turn, he launched into one of his plaintive blues renditions, complete with "elastic" timing... ( Four beats to the bar was a somewhat "foreign" concept to Yank. He was well known for having musical measures of 3 beats, 4 1/2 beats, etc. etc...)

This made it extremely difficult for the bassist to establish any sort of musical rapport with Yank, since he was totally unfamiliar with any of this. Bur he bravely soldiered on through the tune, all the while having Yank shoot him some very black looks when he missed an anticipated change...

After the tune was finished, Yank mumbled something about being "unprepared" and the young fellow answered, "Music has four beats to the bar..."

Replied Yank, (in deepest southern drawl) " What man say dat...?)


Jan-16-2014, 9:26pm
I've been reading Yank's 'autobiography' (with Richard Congress) "Blues Mandolin Man."

A very delightful, funny and informative tale so far. Reads like a series of transcribed tapes of Rachell riffing on varies topics, musical and otherwise, and people in his life.

There's more on other folks' commentary on YR's playing style etc. which is coming up next.

Good book. Highly recommended. ;)


Jan-16-2014, 10:38pm
See if you can find Yank Rachell's 1970's release on the Blue Goose label. Great mandolin & guitar with exemplary vocals... Yank was still in great form for this one...

Ben Cooper
Jan-17-2014, 4:53am

Feb-28-2014, 10:37am
Just bought the CD. Can't wait to hear it. bb