View Full Version : Crying Heart Blues

Denny Gies
Mar-26-2011, 7:29pm
Does anyone know all the words to "Crying Heart Blues" by Red Allen? I have it on the Kitchen Tapes CD but cannot make out all the words and would love to learn it. Thanks.

Willie Poole
Mar-26-2011, 8:24pm
Denny, That is also a Johnnie and Jack recording...Here us what I have :

Crying Heart Blues, I`m crying because I`ve lost you
Blues I can`t lose, I guess it`s too late to cry
I`ve tried to chose another to love but it`s no use,
Crying Heart Blues, there`s nothing that`s left but to cry

I`ll always remember, I loved you
My teardrops won`t let me forget
Each tear is a wish to be near you,
They started the day we met

A trail of tears will lead you to me if you want me
And from my tears, my hopeless, my crying heart flees...

I got these out of a bluegrass song book and some of the songs don`t have the correct words...This is a song that I have never played, I`ve heard it many times but can`t say if these are the correct words or not, maybe they can fill in the blanks with the ones you have...Hope so, good luck with them....


Denny Gies
Mar-27-2011, 10:10am
Willie, thank you very much. That is just what I was looking for.