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Mar-25-2011, 11:53am
Does anyone know where I could find some modern country and/or gospel music to play on the mandolin? I've been searching and have practically drawn a blank. I just picked up my grandpa's old mandolin like a week ago and started playing it, I think it's good for mixing things up a little (also play the guitar and saxophone). But I really can't find anything I want to play.

Mar-25-2011, 2:21pm
Rej80 said " ... But I really can't find anything I want to play. "

Welcome to the cafe.

The quick, smart-alecky answer might be , "well then, just lay the mandolin down.":grin:

But I suspect you're asking a different question. What do you play on the guitar or the saxophone? Why not try playing those things on the mandolin?

Do you only play from sheet music and you're looking for mandolin sheet music? That's a different question.

Here's a link (http://www.mandozine.com/music/) to some tunes using the Tabledit interface, a free download.
There are some other similar places to look, although I've lost them for the minute. I'll bet some others on this forum can point them out.
Good luck to you. Lots more information on this site for the finding and the asking.

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-26-2011, 5:32am
Sorry ! - I seem to have posted twice.

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-26-2011, 5:40am
It depends 'where' you want to find it !. Are you asking for CD / LP recommendations / sheet music / TAB or what ?. Modern Country Music isn't really noted for having any affinity for either the Mandolin or Mandolin players - that doesn't mean that it isn't played.
Figure out what you want to listen to & do an 'I'net search.You could also try a few I'net Bluegrass Radio stations such as 'The Bluegrass Mix' or 'Front Porch Bluegrass',which,if you explore the FPB website, has radio stations with many different styles of music that you can choose to listen to simply by clicking on them,