View Full Version : Trouble with the Homespun download, anybody?

Mar-24-2011, 11:38am
I tried to download Mike Marshall's new DVD from Homespun, and what a cluster! I feel like I've fallen down the rat hole here.

I dl'd the Cafe/Homespun/LeapingBrain software that it directed me to for Windblows, and installed it. Then picked the aforementioned DVD. Then checked out with paypal, and as I completed, I got a warning that I was going back to unsecured area(the original interface) then tried to dl, and got this "Express Checkout Payer ID is missing" error, and it kept asking me for things like my email, then a password, and the final straw was asking for my credit card #. I tried going to LeapingBrain's help line, nobody there, sent email, and got an email back that I was enrolled in something that I'd not done. All of this has me spooked and feeling like I got ripped off, or about to.

Anybody else having probs?

Mar-24-2011, 12:38pm
It was seamless for me.

The only trouble I've had was when they changed from it "Homespun at Mandolin Cafe" to "Homespun presented by Mandolin Cafe" as part of an upgrade .

I couldn't see my videos in the application so re-downloaded the app, authorised my PC, there they were. Then I'd close it and re-open it later with no videos. The update of the app didn't remove the desktop icon and previous version which pointed to the non-existent videos in the "Homespun at Mandolin Cafe" directory.

Although Homespun tried to help me I had to work it out for myself that I ahd to manually delete the program and the deskto icon.

I hope this info may be of help to someone.

Mar-24-2011, 12:55pm
My only problem is forgetting my password........... :)

Mar-24-2011, 1:19pm
D/Led the same one as my first ever in this system.

No prob for me.

Scott Tichenor
Mar-24-2011, 1:53pm
I've shown my contact with them this thread. There have been over 70 downloads just in March and I had one user traveling in the middle east that had an issue with a purchase but that has been resolved to my knowledge. No one is going to get ripped off here--you either get your product or you get your money back if you're unable to complete the process. It's that simple, and this I personally guarantee.

Mar-24-2011, 2:34pm
We did receive your email about this issue, and I believe we have resolved your issue within our correspondence.

Please rest assured that it is neither our intention nor our publishers' intentions to rip anyone off. We strive to deliver quality courses to customers in a fast, convenient, easy way.

Of course, sometimes there are hiccups in the process, but we always do what we can to either resolve these issues or refund the purchase if we're not able to resolve the problem.


LeapingBrain Labs

Mar-24-2011, 4:58pm
Grace got me fixed up. Thanks again Grace. She had to cancel the transaction, and I did the same thing basically, but this time it worked.

Don't know what the issue was exactly. I had something similar happen when I dl'd Band In a Box. BIAB had online help, so I was contact somebody immediately. But I can't help but be paranoid when odd things happen and I was not able to get hold of a help person right away. Like I said, it had me spooked and then getting this email:

Almost welcome to our mailinglist(s) ...

Someone, hopefully you, has subscribed your email address to the
following mailinglists:

* BrainWaves

If this is correct, please click this URL to confirm your subscription:

I don't see how this could be related, but it was weird. And when it comes to doing $$$ over the net I'm always trying to be as careful not to do stupid things like give the wrong info etc.

I'm sorry if I caused any consternation, and I'm very appreciative it got taken care of.

Mar-24-2011, 5:26pm
Hmm, that URL is on our site, but I'll look into why you received it.

Otherwise, glad you were able to download properly and please let us know if you run into any other issues.


Mar-24-2011, 8:29pm
A quick chime-in to say I also had a problem with the download. Grace was very responsive and helpful and it got fixed as quickly as could be expected, considering we were communicating by email.