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Bing Cullen
Mar-14-2011, 2:58am
Is Dailey's Reel normally played in Bb? Both Adam Steffey and Kenny baker do it in that key, but Bryan Sutton's is in G

Mar-14-2011, 4:02am
Daley's (I think) reel is in Bb. That's what gives it the distinctive sound. I am right now listening to Sutton's version (on "BG Guitar", SUG-CD-3975) and he plays it in Bb (G+3), listen to Tim O's mando break on that, a nice workout in Bb. Tim likes that key, I keep going back to his Hot Rize break on "Prayers Bells of Heaven".

Mar-14-2011, 6:11am
Yeah, that one and particularly Pres. Garfield's Hornpipe are a bear. I think Tony Furtado recorded Garfield, with Adam. Butch and I lamented over the B part.

Bing Cullen
Mar-14-2011, 8:14am
Yes you are right...Sutton does it in Bb. I was misled by his instructional stuff where he does it in G.

it seems that high G in the second part is the key to the tune...not the key but the tone I mean... Solved that one alright, thanks...

Mar-14-2011, 1:24pm
Bb is the only place to pick this tune if you want it to sound right.

Mar-14-2011, 3:04pm
Pres. Garfield with that Eb descending / ascending run at the start of the B part!! I found this in a cool little book called the Mandolin Player's Pastime, sort of a mini-O'Neil's for mando from Voyager Publications (Seattle). I have to warm up a good long time and tell my pinky to behave before I try that one! It's not too different from Daley's Reel.

What did Garfield ever do to deserve a hornpipe? I can't find any record of him being a fiddler (unlike T Jefferson). He is the answer to a good trivia question however (twice have there been three American presidents in one calendar year, this is one case, with Hayes and Arthur preceding and following). The tune is credited to a Harry Carleton, who I guess was a late 19th-century fiddler (Garfield was assassinated in 1881).

Mar-15-2011, 10:09am
Yep, Bb.

Gotta work on that one.

Mar-15-2011, 6:08pm
I keep going back to his Hot Rize break on "Prayers Bells of Heaven".

I always thought Hot Rize played Prayer Bells in B.

Mar-15-2011, 6:17pm
In Tim's RidgeRunner book, he tabs out PBOH in Bb.

Mar-16-2011, 1:17am
Prayer Bells was in Bb with Jimmy and Big Paul Williams, Hot Rize kept it right there. Listen to the end of his break where Tim just picks Bb Bb Bb (1st, 2nd, 4th strings)... what an ending!

Mar-16-2011, 6:24am
Yep, way cool ending to that solo. Many of Tim's breaks on that first record are really fun to pick, and fortunately, that book holds a lot of them: Durham's Reel, Pow Wow The Indian Boy, PBOH, Nellie Kane. It's really great to compare and contrast the different picker's styles on the same tunes. Durham's Reel, for example. Just by changing a note/short pattern here and there gets a new feeling. I have transcriptions of that tune by Dawg, Herschel, Tim. Each plays it a bit differently. They're all great.

Bing Cullen
Mar-17-2011, 2:27am
does anyone have any man tab for Daley's Reel? Can you direct me to it?

Mar-17-2011, 4:47am
does anyone have any man tab for Daley's Reel? Can you direct me to it?


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