View Full Version : Fiddler's Dream -- Smiley Bates

Bernie Daniel
Mar-13-2011, 4:04pm
I wonder if any of the Canadians know if there are any printed compilations of Smiley Bates' music? I have some CD's with a lot of his tunes on them but I've not found any printed notation.

Smiley was a wonderful man and a great country musician -- he was most famous for his singing and guitar picking but one of his hobbies was fiddling. I'm sure he must have played mandolin too. Sadly he died fairly young with cancer.

So far I've not found any tab or notation on his tunes so I've been working on picking a few of his tunes off the Newfoundland Gold CD series.

BTW if you don't have them - the 4 Newfoundland Gold CD's - are great -- they have some of Canada's greatest fiddlers and if you know anything about the Canadian fiddling traditions that is saying a bit.

This is my attempt to do "Fiddler's Dream". I know there are other tunes by the same name so I think Smiley might be the composer of this one. I'm working on "Newfoundland Reel" too.

Any leads for finding notation for his work would be appreciated and if anyone wants help with a little clean up on this version I have started -- or make suggestions that would be great too. It is a work in progress right now....


If you can't figure out what I'm doing here is Smiley!!