View Full Version : watercolor mando

Feb-16-2004, 4:54am
thought you all might enjoy a small watercolor sketch I did tonight!

Feb-16-2004, 8:23am
:o BRAVO!!! Thats beautiful!! How much you askin for it!

Feb-16-2004, 9:35pm
Thanks for sharing your art. I'm amazed that, as beautiful as the F style is, there aren't more still lifes done of them. For example, Art.com has zero F style prints. Thanks again, I enjoyed your work.


Feb-16-2004, 10:33pm
Thanks for the compliments! I don't know how much, I hadn't thought about it. I'll trade you a mando for it!
Seriously, I'm planning an oil painting of a mando(that's what this sketch was for). I'll definitely let you all know when it's done. This painting actually looks much better in person (colors are more vibrant and saturated)The size is 9x12 on watercolor paper.
Thanks again for the compliments!

Feb-17-2004, 1:03am
cool - mandolins and watercolors - a couple of my favorite things.....
good job on the mando....i do watercolors too....

Feb-17-2004, 1:11am
NICE! That's a cool painting. How long have you been painting?